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Social Media Marketing: Mashable.com may be inaccurate on this

Author: yinkaolaito

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Social media marketing Benefits, Social media advantage, Digital marketing advantageAs Social media advanced in usage with several attendant opportunities, we (individual users), must also think twice. The demand is shifting from being transparent. People are saying that is no longer enough. People out there want strong accountability if we must scale through.  It is now easy for people or informed to unearth deep secrets as well as demystify old age mysteries.

Before we go ahead, it is ideal to try and define what is social media marketing?  An attempt by Mashable  is that ‘Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites’. The site added ‘Social media marketing programs usually center on efforts to create content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it with their social networks’. While this may be right, we may want to say social media marketing effort should not be narrowed down to website traffic, but every effort geared toward establishing and gaining strong attention for any online activity or effort. This may sound better.

It is no longer out of place to see everyone trying hard to make great headway in this arena. But while everyone is doing it, it is not everyone that is making big impact. In this piece, we will like to therefore examine seven points that can help anyone make a big break in social media marketing. This is essential because social media marketing is not a solo run.

Maximize customer data: We live in the age of data. Everyone ask for clients’ data at every interaction. The essence of this is to get to know the customer better. Do not collect data you will not use. Be sure data you are collecting from site visitors will help you in better satisfying them. When you take advantage of customer data and use this for better segmentation and add value to their specific needs, they will help you with great word of mouth that can boost your effort.

Never abuse customer data:  A caveat to the above is to do everything within your power to avoid abusing the trust they had in you. Do not sell or share the data, some of them will find out and it will be difficult to earn their trust again.

Make great experience a watchword: Whatever you do, make sure every social media marketing effort adds up to a great customer experience. Great customer experience will guarantee massive engagements which will lead you to purpose achievement.

Be extremely unpredictable with great content: The backbone of every social media marketing effort rests on great content. Be unpredictable with great, new and constant creative content.

Think Portfolio content: Think about your contents in terms of portfolio. Every cross marketing and customized content must be seen as a portfolio management to excel

Never forget your brand architecture: Brand architecture has to do with structure and roles and relationship of each brand (online platform use in this instance) in enhancing the principal brand itself. Be on point. Constantly ask what role each content portfolio is adding to the overall effort.

Be helpful not only amazing: many think of being amazing. That is really good but the major stuff here is how helpful is the content of the social media marketing effort. The best form to take is to combine the two.


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