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Reno Omokri & Social Media: How pseudo activities can hurt great brand

Author: yinkaolaito

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Reno Omokri, President Jonathan Goodluck Special Assistant, President Jonathan Aide and integrity, Social media Manager and pseudo activities, Social media failure, Evils of pseudo activities on Social mediaTechnology gives us power to connect and builds strong relationship with people. The virtual world is now very real. We converse with people in Millions of miles away without nursing a thought of possibility of them being a ghost.

Like many fears, technology does not only bring with it only good aspect, there are other challenges associated with it use. It makes a demand on us to be transparently honest as we try to live in this open space where everything is made bare without any colouration. The demand of the time is that we try as much as we can to always remember there is a big brother watching.

For those who are familiar with stories about Nigeria, many negatives ones had been told in the past few days anyway. But the trending story is now about Special Assistant to The President on Social media, Mr Reno Omokri. Mr Reno Omokri gained traction on all the social media platforms because of pseudo activities he was alleged to be involved in. Instead of staying with facts and figures about economic and political situations in Nigeria, he was accused of using social media (email marketing) as smear campaign against perceived enemies of the government. While we are still awaiting response from Mr Reno Omohri, we can only say the evidence produced by his accusers/ online investigators are heavy and need urgent clarification. We must also give benefit of doubts that hackers may be playing on his accounts and IP address.

Let us assume, Mr Reno Omokri despite these weighty allegations can still claim he is being wrongly accused, his Internet Protocol address has been linked to this malicious Emails and other Facebook account. Peradventure he was not involved, one wonders why did the Facebook account traced to this name, email account which has his photo pulled down immediately after the discovery?

As a public servant with integrity, one expects him to come out and say something about this allegation if he has no hand in all these accusations. As a lawyer, one expects him to go to court to clear his name. If his reputation is important to him, he must act now.

What can we learn from this?

No fictitious activities online can be covered for a long time: it is great wisdom never to engage in one.

A person in position of authority needs to maintain a clean hand in all his/her dealings-Private and public: he that comes to equity must come with a clean hand. Public figures are always on public watch 24/7

When you use fake identity, you can still be traced: no matter how long it takes, new software are being produced.

According to this website, we must realize every document created on your PC or Smartphones with internet has a stamp of your name on it.

Be careful who you give your phone or Pc to, whatever they do on it can be credited to your name online.

The question still remains, is Mr Reno Omokri involved in all these allegations? Silence in this case may eternally damage his name. A cursory search on his name today showed 162,000 links for his name with 80% of the search very negative. That is not proper for a social Media Manager of repute. Mr Reno Omokri needs to urgently engage in damage control. That is if he is free from such allegations.

In a well-organized environment, an official enquiry will have begun as this also have a negative on his organization and his boss-Mr President. Time to act, speak out Mr. Bemigho Reno Omokri. The next generation may not forgive your silence as you are known to be vocal in explaining Government sides on all issues prior to now.

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