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Linda Ikeji: Plagiarism, Internet business & 7 lessons we can learn

Author: yinkaolaito

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Linda ikeji, LinDA ikeji Nigeria entertainment blogger,Nigeria E-commerce and internet business, Social media Laws in nigeriaIt is no longer news, a leading Nigerian popular entertainment blogger, Miss Linda Ikeji, who runs www.lindaikeji.blogspot.com has been in the news for close to a week plus in fact her platform is presently pull down by its host- Google. Google official had come out to say pulling down the platform is not a personal issue but it has to apply internationally   acceptable copyright infringement clause.This young, ambitious lady in her 30s is a darling of many young Nigerians who had stood the test of time over her position which promotes the notion one can become anything he/she likes as long as one is committed, dedicated, passionate about the cause.

Linda Ikeji is a  model, entertainment blogger and possibly an active promoter of girl issue. Her foray into limelight has not been easy. According to her,  she had had offer of easy route ‘ using what she have to get what she wants’ but she declined and followed her passion for over seven years. This hard work paid off as she could afford the luxury she wants without having to blink an eye.

But Linda Ikeji ‘ s online business empire is gradually crumbling because of an alleged violation of important business law in an environment she is operating. She had been accused of plagiarism. This is an unauthorised use of another person’s content (intellectual property) without due acknowledgement or permission. It started with one @Ayedeee, who raised an issue of infringements on his intellectual property about his tweet, photo used by Linda Ikeji. Today, the rest is history. For many of us who are involved or some aspiring to be e-commerce,  online content publishing, platform owner, we need to learn from her experience. We do believe this young and energetic lady will bounce back, but it is expedient we all learn from her. Here are 7 things we must learn from her.

Know we live in a dog eat dog world:  Success has its own headache. The bigger the head, the heavier the headache. There are things someone who is homeless will not bother about but a person living in a room appartment, duplex must give attention too. Success of other hits some people so bad they must find a way to fight them.  Some of these fights may be legal or envy-induced.

The moment you hit the limelight, competitors do not sleep anymore. What used to be unimportant before becomes a big issue. People start screening your every action and words. Many industry leaders and giants had been fallen because of envy or bad policy. Successful business persons must realise this. In this world it is the voice of the underdog that goes out louder.

The guy who started ‘plagiarism’ allegation might have had a good reason.But it is obvious he is not as popular as Linda Ikeji. Never forget, the fire of envy may not come from the source you are looking at. Someone may be looking for a pound of flesh through another mouthpiece. Before you start a fight with the under dog, think of your investment and what you stand to lose if the under dog wins. Since her accuser  succeeds in pulling down Linda Ikeji. Blogspot.com,  Linda Ikeji may have to start from a scratch. Many  Other related  url she could use had been taken. What she will have though is her brand name. Compare her loss to what the other person will lose.

Be up to date on the  the law that guides your business:  Every business environment has its own law. Ignorance of law may not be an excuse. Do not allow your passion for something make you overlook the basic issues. It is obvious to all,  Linda Ikeji is passionate about blogging. Those who are involved in content publishing online know what it takes to push a content piece everyday not to now talk of five or more articles per day for over five years.

Know when to get cyber, business lawyer on board: The world is changing. To be engaged in online business, read, be personally informed as much as you can on the laws that guide your operations. If you cannot, as soon as money keep coming in, know how to hire lawyer who is well informed. Of a truth we seem not to have many specialists in this arena in our clime, but search online and discuss with one. It does you and your business no evil.

Be humble to acknowledge: Those who know Linda Ikeji personally do talk of her humility. This writer’ has not interacted with her so will not know. But what is clear is that a simple act of sorry I goofed could have killed this fire a long time ago. It is difficult to fight someone who has facts and laws by his side. Telling the individual to go to hell over his brain work may not be the best approach. We all need to learn from this.

Learn to manage crisis as fast: In addition to the above, it is expedient we become crisis communication manager for our business or hire a professional as soon as our business grow. We strongly believe a platform making an average of Thirty Thousand US($30.000=) Dollars a month  like hers (according to a report credited to her) is no longer a start up that can not hire a strong reputation mangement consultancy firm. It is all about priority.  In other clime, online  business of Linda Ikeji. Blogspot.com  status would have considered this a long time. The issue might have been properly managed than what we have now.

Give credit :  Now intellectual property is no longer a joke. The more I operate online, the more I am a bit careful. Things I used to take for granted are now becoming a concern. When I started online content publishing in 2005, I did not give much attention to trivial issue like using a photo that is not mine on my work. Today I tried to find the owner so I could credit them.  A Yoruba (Nigeria) adage says ‘ability to incorporate the wisdom of or learn from others is the only reason we do not call an elderly person a madman’.

Avoid copy and paste content methodology: This is really important in online business or anything that relates to intellectual property.  For many ‘entertainment and gossip business blogs in Nigeria, we have seen a lazy trend among many. That WordPress, typead,  blogspot etc is free does not mean one must not use his brain at all. Someone says jokingly ‘learn to copy right in order not to fall in the ditch of copyright’. Whatever story you see online, first read and internalise it. Then bring your own creative dimension to the story. It is obvious there is nothing new under the heaven. It is your angle, creativity that make people to respect you. Our entertainment bloggers need to note this

Photo credit: Linda ikeji


Glad to announce Google has restored the site. But guess all the lessons have been learnt. She is currently recruiting and now developing business model. This is good for her. We wish her best of luck

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