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Nestle Nigeria: ‘Flesh Marketing in a growing up’ product?

Author: yinkaolaito

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Nestl? Nigeria Milo new campaignIf our information is correct, Nestle Nigeria, maker of Milo, will soon come out with a disruptive campaign for its food drink product: Milo. The campaign as claimed by the Agency (Tonydoo visual) behind it has the slogan ‘the future champions are now grown’. A concept calling for a change in mindset with regards to the target market. Telling the world yesterday kids are now grown ups ( adult). This is a possible Generation Y or Z. If this is the case, Milo is tactically changing its market from children to young adults. We stand to be corrected.

In trying to be disruptive with a bent to challenge the mindset, a dominant object in a curvy shape: young adult lady with 90% of her flesh (legs) exposed and a tight and struggling lady chest trying to find exposure or enjoy fresh air. This object whose feet are placed inside a crown – shaped Milo colour has a predominantly green colour background associated with the brand. Then at the bottom of the design we have ‘ it is marvelous the difference Milo can make’.

My mind had been dominated for a while with possible name that can be given to a new a concept of marketing that is gradually gaining ground all over the world. I must agree I have no problem with it, it is just to find a nomenclature.

My mind had been playing with ‘flesh marketing’ as the right name for this new concept. My thinking is to differentiate this new marketing slogan from ‘sex appeal’ cliche which had been with us for a long while. In my studies, I tried to check the record, through Google etc, if I can find anything close to this concept from the past. Something close to that was a film titled ‘ flesh market’ produced in Japan in 1962. But my research showed the film was abruptly stopped by Japanese Police from showing in the Cinema and Directors of the films had to repackage it with a new name. Will this happen to this new campaign?

If this campaign eventually flies as claimed on LinkedIn by the Agency behind it, the question we may ask are:

(i) Is Nestle Nigeria trying to re position the product, as ‘the future champions are now grown’ indicate or subtly suggest?

(ii) Or will ‘Milo’ remain food drink for today’s kids within- the age range of 1 – 12 or possibly beyond (if we are correct)

(iii) While it is great to be disruptive, has Nestle and the Agency done their home work within the context?

(iv) Is this campaign likely to generate back lash for Nestle Nigeria’s ?brand reputation?. Though slightly different from the issue of feminism which MTN Nigeria suffered with ‘Mama na boy’ or another related backlash a UN Agency and its Ambassador went through when the said Ambassador appeared in a similar ‘free for all opening of her chest’ model photograph in another magazine?.

The questions may appear insignificant or childish but the purpose is not to query disruptive designs and campaigns, I love them, but ability to stay on with the possible backlash is essential.

It must be noted there is no harm in being controversial, it may increase the market share but it also has possible opposite effect if not well- thought out and planned for.

‘Flesh Marketing’ is no longer new to this generation. We now have photographers who specialise in nude picture while our celebrities today are eager to show ‘baby pumps’ etc. But when it comes to established ?growing up product, care must be taken and research must be done and possible ripple effects well planned out for.

We wish Nestle Nigeria and the Agency well in this disruptive journey. Excessive ‘ flesh marketing in a young adult world sometimes come with a backlash. There are few exceptions though.

But will the ‘difference Milo makes be marvelous’ when this campaign break?

Photo credit: Tonydoo visual

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