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Social Media and Social capital building/Value

Author: yinkaolaito

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How to build social capaital through social and professional network useThere exist an argument and counter argument with regards to whether media use, especially social media or thought leadership enhances social capital of people; especially that of the employee.? Those who argue against such benefit may need to examine what social capital really means.

Prior to now, many see social capital as related only to trust and integrity. These are still vital today, but social and professional media can now serve as processes and means to an end of building personal trust and integrity.? What we say or do reflect an inner recesses of who we are as individuals.

The best way to establish any connection between the two (social media and social capital) starts with correct understanding of what social capital means. Social capital according to Oxford is ?the networks of relationships among people who live and work in a particular society, enabling that society to function effectively?.

On the other hand, Investopeadia defines social capital as ?? a set of shared values that allows individuals to work together in a group and effectively achieve a common purpose. The idea is generally used to describe how members are able to band together in society to live harmoniously??.. Writing about how to build social capital, this Forbes article outlines some of the ways to do this better. The major points highlighted include networking proactively, being strategic, create a diverse network, pay forward and leveraging relationships and keeping in touch among others.

A quick understanding and assessment of the above show clearly that strategic use of social media tools can positively impact on personal social capital building of any individual. Ability to effectively use social and professional online media well will require that users of these platforms wittingly tap into the activities highlighted above by the Forbes article.

The interesting thing today is that social capital built through the use of social and professional digital tools can guarantee global advantage over local benefits.? The truth is everyone can assess such capital and take informed decision about the relevance of the potential over others.

If we plan to use social and professional platforms to build personal and corporate social capital, it is advisable to consider the following:

Share accurate knowledge consistently: Knowledge or information is the new gold. This becomes more valuable if such information are on demand and can help shape someone?s wellbeing. There is something you know how to do well. Find a medium to showcase this to the right community of people who need it.

Link people with good sources: Each day, many of us come across opportunities we really do not need. Instead of bypassing such opportunities, share or transfer them to those whose lives may depend on them. Sources can be monetary or just useful information others are not aware of. Never assume anything is common. This may be a lifesaving opportunity for someone out there.

Open new door of visibility to others: we all have channels or routes we take daily. Such channels may not be open to all. A little online introduction from you to some colleagues can change the ?scene? for the other person. A caveat here, be sure you know the person you are introducing well. Some had regretted such gesture because they introduce a person so early without knowing them well.

Use social and professional platforms to mentor others: Mentoring will always be needed throughout every ages.? One may look at the knowledge s/he possesses and considers it as insignificant. Until we open the tap and allow the funnel to carry the water through, we may not know how precious that little knowledge may seem to those who are at the receiving end.

The appeal today is start from where you are. Have a terrific week ahead.

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