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Yinka Olaito

11 February 2021 0 Comments Read 718 Times

Communications: valentine, marketing and relationships

The world is brimming with valentine blues. The season is here again. Lovers, spouses and people use the occasion to bound and express their feelings. Though the origin of valentine is associated with Saint Valentine who made huge sacrifice. But Valentine today is more about fun and sex. The essence of this piece basically is […]

19 January 2021 0 Comments Read 736 Times

Media and communications: social distancing or overload?

With Covid-19 still ravaging our world, many things had entered a paused mode. Organization’s operations and culture are changing and everyone is looking for the best way for them and their stakeholders. When it comes to media, its use and communications and its application to organizational relevance, there has been two noted approaches or outlooks […]

12 January 2021 0 Comments Read 707 Times

Keeping your voice loud during the pandemic

Open communication is so vital to any living creature on earth. This includes companies and brands. Relationships thrive within open, honest and continuous flow of communication among the actors. In crisis time, such as this huge and very strange global phenomenon: COVID-19; accompanied with lean resources, many are making unwise decision of keeping silence. Communication […]

12 January 2021 0 Comments Read 661 Times

Digital Marketing opportunities in 2021

It is the beginning of a new year already. Knowing what you want and positioning for it is really essential. For those who are already established, they need new strategy for sustainable advantage. For those who are still searching for a new cheese, strategically looking for want you want , knowing what you want, where […]

4 January 2021 0 Comments Read 781 Times

Media consultancy: How to make a difference

Every industry is going through challenges as the pandemic continues to create havoc. Media consultancy or any other consultancy is not spared. By now everyone should be getting used to the ?new normal?. Whoever thinks things will return to the old way will have to wait for a long haul. That possibility does not even […]

15 December 2020 0 Comments Read 520 Times

Media profession in 2021 and beyond

Media profession is witnessing changes. This is not peculiar to media industry alone. The outlook permeates over to every profession. People or consumers expectation about the industry continue to be on the increase due to the fact that internet is changing the face of the profession. Aside from this, many non-trained media professionals are taking […]

8 December 2020 0 Comments Read 513 Times

Media use: trends in Stakeholders’ communications

When it comes to media use with regards to stakeholders? communications, we all know life and society keep evolving. The pandemic is changing a lot of communications formats we are used to. People and brands are used to working at home. This is trend is likely to continue for a while as the second wave […]

3 December 2020 1 Comment Read 852 Times

Winning Strategy: What lack of discipline cost me

Winning strategy is the lifeblood of any successful initiative. Getting it right is important. This is because it has been affirmed 70 percent of strategic plan often fails. This failure also is the cause of 73 percent failure of great initiatives Leo Bottary, the Vice President, Public Affairs of Vistage International, affirmed it takes a […]

4 June 2020 0 Comments Read 1063 Times

Global Strategic Market lnvasion In The New Normal Workshop

Within the first quarter of 2020, the spread of COVID-19 across the globe had and is still causing lots of disruption in every sphere. Many had been asking or agitating for when things will go back to normal. As we know, the curve of Coronavirus is not yet flattened.? As at now there seems to […]

4 May 2020 0 Comments Read 836 Times

Nigeria, Covid-19 Danger looms

Nigeria’s Covid-19 spike had been on the increase. For some reasons known to government, lockdown policy has been relaxed. This poor decision was out of pressure as government was unable to provide any meaningful palliative that works. Can you join me in making this campaign go viral #LetATMwork247 What I have seen in Lagos today […]