3 October 2013 1 Comment

US Government shutdown: A parable for social media Professional?

On early hours of Tuesday October 1, 2013, there was an obvious evidence of barriers blocking Lincoln memorial and other National Monuments as well as Parks across America. There was a noticeable closed door in many Federal Workplaces. This signaled the beginning of another Government Shutdown in America after about 17 years of such (to […]

16 July 2013 0 Comments

Digital Media diseases: When your targets are ‘idiots’ or suffering from ADHD

Those who refuse to learn will soon be forgotten. The age we live in require possession of updated information at one’s finger tips. Many issues are raising their ugly heads and lots of professionals are becoming helpless just because they cannot catch up with the rate at which news break and how the changes are […]

5 January 2009 8 Comments

Forget marketing, Start conversation

As we move on through the crunch, many brands will fizzle out due to huge marketing costs. Till now many brands depended on marketing activities to sustain their leaderships. According to reports, billions are wasted annually yet it appears that the noise being made by these corporate brands are becoming rejected. We live in an […]