22 June 2011 8 Comments

Top 40 web personalities

It over six years I have being blogging. Three of which is on  third party platforms while I am close to three on this personally hosted blog. Many had asked me where I get inspiration from. Many want to get an idea of what I am reading online and how many of these online platforms […]

20 June 2011 10 Comments

Forbes, BBC: A letter from a concerned loyalist

Dear Sirs, What happens to ethical journalism? Forbes and BBC are two credible international media that I will always love. One, I strongly believe they are established by people of high professional and personal reputes. As a professional, a credible news to me is not confirmed until I have found out such news is covered […]

16 June 2011 3 Comments

Social Media downside and other issues: Rep. Anthony Weiner

Social Media in Nigeria, Africa and elsewhere in the world is a powerful communication tool. But like I maintained in a previous post,social media has it challenges. Social Media can be compared to a wild animal. If not tamed, it can tear its owner. In ability to do this well often leads to brand destruction. […]

10 June 2011 6 Comments

Brand communication: African professionals need to prepare for the future

Brand communication’s landscape in Africa is changing fast. Brand communication professionals in Africa cannot afford ‘sit-down look’ attitude. Everything is changing fast. Every industry and professional need to understand this if they plan to be relevant in no distance future. Brand communication around the world is becoming dynamic. The future will belong to those who […]

26 May 2009 2 Comments

Logic behind stand out brand

Many brands are concerned why they could not stand out. But when we check out, they have being trying to become a popular jingo brand. Trying to satisfy everyone. In few cases some are not but they are missing out some core ingredients that make brands stand out. For a brand to stand out, focus […]

2 February 2009 26 Comments

Personal branding for entrepreneurs.

Most entrepreneurs start out as a solo-trepreneur. The challenges can be daunting particularly if the individual is not prepared adequately. The foundation of every career and entrepreneurial success is a strong personal brand. People buy into you before they buy into your business. That does not mean that other vital forces that make a business […]

26 December 2008 6 Comments

Christmas tree viral effect

A good idea sells like hot cake. During Christmas, a text message went round the country at least my family got several. The text has Christmas tree as the major icon with text in various forms but the following is very common: ‘I set up this Xmas tree just for you and your family. It […]

25 November 2008 3 Comments

Do not forget your personal brand.

Today we find ourselves in a highly competitive environment and if our brands must be continually relevant, everything must be done deliberately to achieve the purpose we intend to achieve. Our brands are the licence to operate within our market. Always remember that your brand is speaking every minute. Whether you are aware or not. […]