22 July 2009 72 Comments

Brand positioning and strategy success

Many brand owners, drivers often overlook a critical point that can help in making their strategies work. Because of this many brand investments often fail to achieve purpose. This may not be attributed to the veracity of the brand’s strategy but an oversight by the strategists. In a recent article by Chris Helle, Chris maintained […]

24 November 2008 21 Comments

Digital communication channels for brands.

It’s a brand new week. So we are kicking off this week with a title that can help brand positioning in the market place. The way a brand positions itself (Corporate, personal) relative to the competitor is the scaffolding beneath the brand (personal).   Powerful positioning takes into account the omission, weaknesses or the boring aspect […]

17 November 2008 12 Comments

Personal branding basics

Like a corporate organization, personal branding is also essential. Personal branding is the ladder an individual uses to escape the average, a device one uses to help potential buyers or readers perceive one as the person they have been looking for. The need to differentiate today is becoming an unavoidable route.   We live in […]