3 June 2009 38 Comments

Is your personal brand cosmetic or dirty?

Sometimes we can be sincerely wrong because we do not take enough time to study how something works. Even though we put enough energy into it, the fact remains that our efforts can still be in disarray. Or what is the need for speed when destination is not properly determined and mapped out before one […]

28 March 2009 116 Comments

A culture of deceptive advertisements: closing the gap between banking halls and cosmetic advertisements of banks

Editor’s comment: The piece below is a guest post by one of our blog community-Kinglsley obom-Egbulem. This is based on his true experience. The opinion expressed here are his. Happy reading. There was this new comedy  show on television a couple of months ago. It’s actually a television commercial-the Stanbic IBTC Bank television commercial announcing their […]

24 March 2009 25 Comments

Brand reputation management

Reputation has to do with standing, status, repute and character. Every brand must embrace the truth in the saying that says “learn from yesterday, live today and strategize and hope for tomorrow’. Reputation like integrity is a social capital that can be spent tomorrow and especially during recession. But it seems many brands here do […]

2 January 2009 4 Comments

Exit the commodity market

Often, I get called to offer platforms that can help brands to differentiate. Differentiation is the beginning of a long term relationship with a brand. Differentiation is very critical in today’s world. Brand either differentiates or dies. Brand differentiation gives your brand a long term value. Lack of differentiation makes the brand a commodity. Commodity […]

24 December 2008 6 Comments

Tell Me More

Once again I often get called by our community here asking for further clarification on what personal branding is and how it can help in this time. Many believe it is just showing up. This is quite good as a beginner. Showing up is just a straightforward act and any one with good sense can […]

13 December 2008 1 Comment

“Just chatting”

Today, I just feel like ‘gisting’. It is weekend you know. I am feeling like blowing up the mind of someone out there. So bear with me. Every day is my teacher, I learn something from it, everyone I meet has a knowledge I do not have. Only people with the right frame of mind […]