12 July 2012 27 Comments

Brand positioning: how to push your small marketing agency above the sea level

The rate at which Marketing Agencies are springing up today is good for competition. Many have argued against proliferation of many small Agencies when they can merge with larger one to make a formidable team. My take is if a team feel they can bring necessary changes to the system and transform existing playing ground […]

15 August 2011 11 Comments

Digital communication: Starting point to stardom

Digital communication is no longer an issue of if brands want to; it is more of how to do it well. Digital communications today offer valuable opportunities which brands can use to prospect, connect and build valuable relationship with potential and actual consumers. The major advantage associated with digital marketing is its fast and cost […]

5 July 2011 30 Comments

Brand communication: how to make your target happy

We live in the age of attention span deficiency. Yet brand must evolve, engage or die. There are no two ways to this. Those who understand the trick. Brand targets want to bond, but many things are craving for their attention. Like we maintained a brand must look for a space and owned it otherwise […]

24 June 2011 7 Comments

Brand communication: why you should become a good story teller

As a brand, you stand a good chance when you learn how to do it better in a new way every day. It is no news today that brand communication will survive on great content creation and sharing. A brand with future in view must have left the region where someone is still appealing to […]

19 August 2010 6 Comments

My social Media activities, itinerary/Diary

Things are looking up today. It is no longer news that social Media is gaining a lot of ground in Nigeria. Many people are now looking for news around social Media because it is an open truth that these web-based communication tools are helping start up and corporate entrepreneurs  in no small way. Because of […]

9 August 2010 36 Comments

Creating Brand Credibility

Branding is no doubt an essential part in business growth and development in recent times. Many businesses have been able to surmount tough market challenges as a result of the application of branding concepts. Many are still in the process of creating valuable perception in the mind of their prospects and buyers with the use […]

19 October 2009 31 Comments

Brand profitability: why the trust pathway helps

Trust is becoming a scarce commodity in this season;  building brand profitability through trust must now be an integral part of any brand strategy if brand must make reasonable profit. Top executives of many brands can no longer be trusted and this has affected the confidence stakeholders have in many of the brands.  Many brands’ […]

29 September 2009 13 Comments

Brand: laws of advance engagement

It is is no longer news that as a brand strategist and communicator I have uncommon passion with regards to how internet, social media can aid the advance of brand’s corporate bottomline and visibility. In the past years I have dedicated time to acquiring and making available relevant knowledge that can aid brand engagement whether […]

16 July 2009 79 Comments

Successful brand activation process

It is becoming a difficult issue to be evasive about branding. We live, eat and drink brands. Some one has said that brands constitute the organizing mechanism that helps us navigate through each day. We are all branded even though we may not want to agree with that. Brand perceptions are result of mixed stimuli […]