9 April 2013 4 Comments

Margaret Thatcher and The 10 laws of digital media

Barroness Margaret Thatcher is dead is no longer news. She died peacefully at the age of 87. She had a record of been the only female Prime Minister United Kingdom has ever had till date. No doubt Margaret Thatcher was a cat of many lives. She was an iron lady to some while many others […]

6 September 2012 22 Comments

Online campaign that sells: A case study of ‘Goodluck Jonathan best loved president campaign’

As students in the school of life, we must keep learning. Each new day should teach us something. Before we go ahead, let me establish the route we will be plying in this piece. The essence of this piece is not to seek attention from anyone but to help some of our professionals who are […]

9 August 2012 24 Comments

Lolo Jones Vs Jere Longman of NYT: social Media lessons

Those who are sport lovers would have been following the Olympic game. More importantly as many that love US team will know who Lolo Jones is. But just for a recap, Lolo Jones is a sprinter who was part of US team in the last Beijing Olympic but lost out narrowly. Once again after a […]

25 May 2011 7 Comments

6 Reasons why your online campaign fail

Running a successful campaign offline is a great work for many. I have been asked severally why I think most campaigns do not achieve their aims. I do think some of the reasons for this include the reason, wrong strategy and lack of appropriate planning as well as targeting. Running a campaign offline is hard, […]