26 September 2014 0 Comments

Social Media Real Estate: 4 ways to know you are a tenant

Social age is throwing up different nomenclatures. Life is interesting to live in this age. If you stay informed you will be able to follow the trend with your head standing tall above your shoulder. If you shaking stay aloof, n you will have your fingers to bite in no distance future. In Real Estate […]

30 November 2012 2 Comments

How Experiential Branding helps brand engagement

We live in the age of niche. The earlier you understand what you stand for the better. In the years’ past, marketing communication professionals were group under just one umbrella name. Today, it appears, many branches had sprung up. Some are now experiential marketers among others. The latest addition or may be it has always […]

27 July 2012 14 Comments

7 reasons why social Media is not free

Social media is now a wonder in this generation as it gives voice to the voiceless. Everyone who has something to say now has a platform as long as they have access to internet. Social media revolution has brought a lot of changes to the way we communicate, market and conduct our affairs. Those who […]

6 July 2012 16 Comments

Social Media: 10 easy routes to crisis

Social media is a two edge sword. It has a lot of opportunities and can be a wild lion. Its ability to go viral distinguishes the media from forms of media. As much as we can try, some crises are not preventable while we have control over others. Working and annexing the benefits of social […]

29 June 2012 33 Comments

Social Media: 5 Bombshells for success

Any brand that cannot learn, unlearn and relearn may not survive in today’s world. The world keeps changing. Excelling in Social media platforms is an ongoing process. Take for instance, the issue of Google visibility and by extension Search Engine Optimization. Those who are experts know it is not a one night’s stand affair. That […]

8 May 2012 0 Comments

Twitter: my 7 hot and smoking truths for success

Much has been said about Twitter. Some see it as the best thing that could have happened to them, their  businesses etc. You may wish to ask Tony Hseih- the Zappos.com CEO. For significant others, Twitter is just for lazy people who have nothing serious  to do. Whatever angle you take, you may not be […]

9 February 2012 0 Comments

Facilitating audience engagement and bonding: KLM’s ‘Meet and Seat’

Real audience engagement and bonding is a vital tool for brand success. I am constantly being fascinated by opportunities offered by social Media to brand. Social Media is an elastic rope; it keeps expanding based on the horizon of the brand custodians and communicators.  Those who see possibilities will keep experimenting while brand communicators with […]

28 March 2011 8 Comments

Social media: why brands and professionals miss its real value.

Social media is now a common dialogue among marketing Communication, communications and Public Relations professionals. The challenge most still have in justifying its application is centred around measurement and cost ROI. Ability   to define goal, action steps, target audience and justification for business needs will help in no small way. This will help in convincing […]

11 May 2009 7 Comments

Is your brand social?

Today there is no more hidden place. You are either here or there. No neutrality. Neutrality may means your brand is staying at the middle of the road. No one needs to tell you that that is the most dangerous place to stay for safety. Whether your brand appreciates it or not the conversation is […]