30 October 2014 0 Comments

Content management& Social media campaign lessons from ‘Akeelah and The Bee’

Success in content marketing or social media campaigns require a lot of adaptations. It is a continuous school of learning. Those who can not learn, listen and adapt have no future in this field. Making a headway requires full observation, attention and time. No wonder many run out of gas a few week after their […]

27 July 2012 14 Comments

7 reasons why social Media is not free

Social media is now a wonder in this generation as it gives voice to the voiceless. Everyone who has something to say now has a platform as long as they have access to internet. Social media revolution has brought a lot of changes to the way we communicate, market and conduct our affairs. Those who […]

23 July 2012 17 Comments

11 negative factors that nullify your Twitter efforts

Twitter needs no introduction especially to marketing, communication professionals and many small scales brands. Some of the values twitter offer includes the followings. It creates brand awareness at the global level. Twitter helps brand to connect. More also, effective use of twitters helps a brand to build strong relationship which leads to verifiable business outcomes. […]

26 June 2012 6 Comments

Brand Communication: 6 ways to destroy a brand’s DNA

Brand communication is one of the essential ways to build a successful and leading brand. If a brand has the solid foundation in vision and sound strategy but lacks necessary communication tactic that can help in strengthening its position among the competitors hope of survival is almost gone. Coming to what is DNA. The biological […]

25 June 2012 8 Comments

Mortgage Brokerage firm branding: What Count?

Mortgage brokerage success rests on integrity, transparency and accountability. The need for housing today will continue to be on the increase as long as human continues to procreate. The present human population of about 7 Billion will continue to increase. As a follow up to this, demands for people’ need for housing and accommodation will […]

12 March 2012 0 Comments

6 routes to marketplace irrelevance

Marketplace is made up of several dynamics. Brand’s sustainability and relevance is hinged on its ability to understand and work with these dynamics while it last. A Nigerian adage captures this well when it states ‘because the future does not look exactly like today is the reason why the soothsayer consults his oracle every five […]

20 February 2012 0 Comments

Brand Communication: How online media enhance brand’s power.

It is normal for brand communicators to think along the line that a big breakthrough is the only solution to brand’s success. If we understand little efforts often catapults into major achievement, we will easily overlook seemingly time consuming effort of playing with online media. Because we desire a quick fix it, many consistently consider […]

13 December 2011 2 Comments

Brand marketing: Keeping with the changes.

Landscape of marketing is changing in a disruptive manner. Whoever thinks it will go back to the traditional practice needs a rethink. Marketing terrain will never remain the same. All we need to do is to understand and take advantages of the new phase we find ourselves. Today, it is no longer news; customers do […]

25 May 2011 7 Comments

6 Reasons why your online campaign fail

Running a successful campaign offline is a great work for many. I have been asked severally why I think most campaigns do not achieve their aims. I do think some of the reasons for this include the reason, wrong strategy and lack of appropriate planning as well as targeting. Running a campaign offline is hard, […]