26 August 2010 13 Comments

Personal Branding: How to make your brand a showpiece

Recently I was reading an interview in the latest edition of Personal Branding Magazine by Dan Schawbel. The interview is centred on Monica Von Neumann giving initiative. Some of the points  I gained from the interview informed the creation of this piece. A peculiar trait issue I have noticed  in many people is  that they […]

12 July 2010 22 Comments

Brands: How to fund your social and cultural capital

We live in the age of information, connection and conversation. Any brand that will be successful today must understand generosity to thrive. To make impact you must go all out to help both established and upcoming brands. I am beginning to understand that you must be ready to give without a demand for returns immediately […]

30 April 2009 2 Comments

Trust:brand’s hardest currency

Trust is seen as confidence, reliance, expectation and at the highest form it is seen as faith. Trust is the basis of every true relationship. Today like in most relationships, trust is being violated and this has accounted for the high rate of divorce in our marriages. It is given that there can not be […]