25 September 2014 0 Comments

Online activities: 7 ways to avoid foul play

Technology and social toools in this instance is helping individual and corporate brands to build stronger and viable relationship(personal and business). Those who know what to do and how to do it well are already on their way to accomplishing a worthy mission.  In fact some have already done that while they are now searching […]

27 June 2013 0 Comments

Ten items Social media and life have in common

Whatever trade we are engaged in there must be a time to do self evaluation. This is essential for progress. Company sometimes say call this a retreat or strategy session. Called it by any name, you owe yourself this duty to examine your own progress. It is a time to assess the journey and learn […]

4 July 2012 9 Comments

Brand marketing: How effective Customer support helps a storage firm

There are several ways to communicate brand’s value and attract target customers. Depending on the market or industry a brand operates, it is expedient to see customer as more than an individual. Many brands have used product quality while others use nearness and access to sales people as a bait to attract new potentials. No […]

7 February 2012 0 Comments

Brand Communication: How to avoid silent destruction of the brand

Everything a brand engages in communicates. Whether brand acknowledges this or not is not important, it is afact. Brands like human often send wrong signal to its audience without knowing. We should never forget people have a right to interpret brand’s attitude based on their own perception. When a brand ignores every known and logical […]

22 January 2012 0 Comments

Brand Communication: How to avoid death trap

A brand’s life, like that of human is full of dynamics. Not obeying these dynamics as at when due makes life worthless. It is no longer news the great brand-Kodak, is gone and never to remain relevant again. The hand writing on the wall was obvious for this former strong analog film brand. It had […]

4 April 2011 6 Comments

Brand monitoring: what if I leave my brand to chances

Brand monitoring is no longer new to serious minded brands. The difference here is the degree of response to the need. Brands need to monitor brand’s name and equity across platforms. Our casual observations showed that many still continue to think along the line which believe not much damage can be done without brand monitoring. […]

8 September 2010 9 Comments

Brands: how to be opened to imminent changes

Change is the most constant thing is an ageless cliché. As much as this statement seems to be reality, many brands have continued to behave as this is not true. Though everyone (brands inclusive) all lay claim to the fact that we are not change resistance, our actions and attitude betray us. Because brand’s action […]

7 August 2009 11 Comments

Personal brand and attitude

Recently someone asked me ‘what is the position of attitude in personal branding?’ Like in every sphere of life, attitude carries the highest mark. It is 100%. You either have it or lose it. Attitude is the foundation of personal branding. If you do no have right attitude you cannot fake it. No one can […]