7 May 2012 2 Comments

Social media Success: impact of external links

I am sure by now we all know the benefits of social media use to personal and corporate growth. Many things have been said and written on the need to invest time, energy and money in it to make a success out of it. This is a common truth as there is nothing worthwhile without […]

10 April 2012 0 Comments

Brand success: Impact of time and chance

Brand success hinges on several factors. There is strategy factor, market forces and time element.  Not to forget also, there is the key role of management and other brand stakeholders. Brand success requires a village mentality to really blossom. While time is considered to be of great essence, can we actually say chance or what […]

14 February 2012 0 Comments

Online Media: five ways to Increase brand relevance and authority

Every brand desires to be great. But real greatness has price tag. We know there is nothing like overnight success. Every real overnight success has several nights of doing without sleep (in-between). Social/Online Media has become part of our brand communication tool. No serious brands have any need of long preaching to appreciate this. You […]

23 January 2009 5 Comments

The force of a brand community

An African adage says ‘it is because snakes do not move in group that is why a man kills them with ease’. The lesson in this adage is thought provoking. Even if men move in group and they are faced with snakes of different species, men will run. Particularly if they are not fully armed […]