13 October 2014 0 Comments

7 ways to enjoy stellar engagement with stakeholders

Brands, whether personal, products, corporate, without engagement is a water of time and resources. Engagement speaks volumes about passion, commitment, loyalty and ‘likeability’ between two entities. In this sense, a relationship between brand and desired targets. It is inability of most brands to enjoy deeper engagement with desired audience that eventually leads to shut down. […]

6 December 2013 0 Comments

Nelson Mandela: the making of an iconic brand

Nelson Mandela, the great illustrious son of Africa and a citizen of South Africa died late last night. The great brand, a legend indeed, a true brand  lived a life that touched everyone. The life and time of this great personal brand exposed to us, brand managers, what it will require to enjoy global engagement […]

26 June 2013 1 Comment

Six reasons why social media marketing integration works better

There is nothing entirely new under the heaven. Those who have eyes can see a correlation or similarity in the past and the present.  Such similarity may not look exactly the same but there is something a discerning eye can see. Social or digital media is no longer new, it has become part of our […]

13 July 2012 22 Comments

Coca-Cola and Ronaldinho’s brand endorsement case study

Brand endorsement or ambassadorship has become popular. It is a phenomenon associated with the ‘borrowed equity’ syndrome. It is meant to cause more attention or create more awareness through a known face (in most times) whose brand personality, presence and personal resonate with the brand idea or target audience. Nike and Addidas as sport wear […]

14 February 2012 0 Comments

Online Media: five ways to Increase brand relevance and authority

Every brand desires to be great. But real greatness has price tag. We know there is nothing like overnight success. Every real overnight success has several nights of doing without sleep (in-between). Social/Online Media has become part of our brand communication tool. No serious brands have any need of long preaching to appreciate this. You […]

20 December 2011 1 Comment

Brand Communication: Creating awareness through SEO

Brand communication strategy in yesteryears mainly hinged on Newspaper and print Media adverts now. If brand did not have enough fund then, it could be a mirage to think of gaining any eyeball at all. The advent of internet, technology is changing the game plan. But now it is sheer foolishness  crying because our brands […]

8 November 2011 7 Comments

5 essential skills of disruptive brand innovator

Those who have the mastery of any trade never joke with continuous innovation. At the base of every innovation is curiosity, seeing the possibility and calculated risk taking. Without innovation the future of any brand is not guaranteed. Brand communicators need to come to term with changing communication needs of the present generation. Delighting and […]

25 October 2011 16 Comments

Brand Communication: The Gaddafi’s Style

I was having a conversation with someone yesterday around the former Libya Head of state. Gadafi as a brand comes across to several people in different feelings. Some believe the brand was misrepresented while there had been praises for him in few quarters.  Brand Gaddafi started well and achieved some major feats  other African Leaders […]

21 October 2011 8 Comments

How to solve brand communication problems with ease

Every living being has its own challenges. Brands too are living entities. They breathe like normal human being. Brand communication challenges will always be part of brand’s cycle. Knowing this early will help brand custodians and communicators to be proactive instead of being reactive. The good thing about challenges though is that it keeps the […]

10 October 2011 8 Comments

5 Hot tips to secure your brand’s future.

Many brands dream of the future they will not feature in. It is not because these brands have no potential to be there. Neither is it because the space available in the future cannot accommodate all. The sad stuff is that the future is in most times impatient with lily- liver brands. Dreaming and wishing […]