21 October 2011 8 Comments

How to solve brand communication problems with ease

Every living being has its own challenges. Brands too are living entities. They breathe like normal human being. Brand communication challenges will always be part of brand’s cycle. Knowing this early will help brand custodians and communicators to be proactive instead of being reactive. The good thing about challenges though is that it keeps the […]

10 October 2011 8 Comments

5 Hot tips to secure your brand’s future.

Many brands dream of the future they will not feature in. It is not because these brands have no potential to be there. Neither is it because the space available in the future cannot accommodate all. The sad stuff is that the future is in most times impatient with lily- liver brands. Dreaming and wishing […]

5 September 2011 4 Comments

How to engage the right audience/target

For many brands, engaging right and most profitable target is a nightmare. They keep casting their nets in different directions and hoping they will get it right one day. Many brands’ efforts are concentrated on pleasing every tom and harry. At the end, they often waste their energies and resources on a wild chase. Two […]

19 August 2011 16 Comments

Managing brand crisis with finesse

Brand crisis may neither be pleasurable nor desirable but they do occur. Any wise brand or institution needs to prepare for crisis of all forms. While there are some crises that are preventable, some come naturally and need lots of strategic designs to curb. Many brands and institutions never remain the same after a crisis. […]

15 August 2011 11 Comments

Digital communication: Starting point to stardom

Digital communication is no longer an issue of if brands want to; it is more of how to do it well. Digital communications today offer valuable opportunities which brands can use to prospect, connect and build valuable relationship with potential and actual consumers. The major advantage associated with digital marketing is its fast and cost […]

13 August 2011 8 Comments

Hot changes Social Media brings to brands

The twenty years run of changes in web capabilities have brought a lot of changes to the way brands operate. The new changes are often seen in customer service management, stakeholder interface, interaction and relationship building. No brand can pretend to be spared. Most fortune 500 today understands the impact of social media. Most them […]

1 August 2011 16 Comments

How To make targets lifetime star advocates

Brands thrive just because there are consumers of what the brands’ offer. Without brand consumers no brand will exist. It has also be proven no brand survives just having a one time buyer  but having  depth of relationship which transcend just one night stands. Brand custodians know it is easier to maintain a happy customer […]

28 July 2011 24 Comments

Brand communication and Social Media lessons from ‘The 3 Idiots’

Everyday should be a classroom where we learn. Every situation or circumstance should teach us a lesson. Those who do not make learning a priority will soon grow old and become obsolete. I am not a movie fanatic but sometimes I derive joy in using some as a favourite pastime. ‘The 3 idiots’ produced by […]

25 July 2011 88 Comments

Brand Influence or Popularity: Which camp are you?

We live in the age of buzzword, noise, conversation. Every strong brand today understands the impact of third party endorsement, word of mouth as it tends to reduce cost of marketing and other allied costs. No wonder, every brand tries to outdo the others in building strong engagement with its stakeholder at both online and […]

14 July 2011 8 Comments

Audience Engagement: why your efforts suck

 We live in an age and time when strong audience engagement is vital. Audience engagement speaks volume when commitment is required from all the stakeholders. The varied numbers of social networking sites are not helping the matter for most brands. To some, if our audience are scattered, where do we begin from is a constant […]