26 June 2012 6 Comments

Brand Communication: 6 ways to destroy a brand’s DNA

Brand communication is one of the essential ways to build a successful and leading brand. If a brand has the solid foundation in vision and sound strategy but lacks necessary communication tactic that can help in strengthening its position among the competitors hope of survival is almost gone. Coming to what is DNA. The biological […]

17 April 2012 2 Comments

Rebecca Malope brand: Talent, Dedication and Persistence factor

As a lover of autobiographies, it is no longer news that success stories appeal to me. I mean success stories that have no solid ladder they climbed to reach stardom.  Such stories encourage me to make dig deeper. What I mean by this is that success stories of brands which grew from nothing into something without any […]

25 October 2011 16 Comments

Brand Communication: The Gaddafi’s Style

I was having a conversation with someone yesterday around the former Libya Head of state. Gadafi as a brand comes across to several people in different feelings. Some believe the brand was misrepresented while there had been praises for him in few quarters.  Brand Gaddafi started well and achieved some major feats  other African Leaders […]

6 October 2011 10 Comments

6 branding lessons according to Steve Jobs’ Life

Yesterday marked the sun set of a great icon. Today present an awesome moment around the world to re-asses what really matter in the lifespan of any brand. This is because one of the world’s inventors, shinning light, leaders, fighters, Entrepreneurs, innovators and brightest individuals born in the second half of the 2oth century just […]

3 October 2011 3 Comments

Platform 9.0: 7 vital lessons brands can adopt

Platform 9.0 is  a yearly  event put together by one of Nigeria’s leading Non-Profits named The Platform. This outfit is    led by  Poju Oyemade. This year event was  tagged ‘Enterprise and Governance’. The event brought together local and international expert speakers selected to examine impact of governance on enterprise. The event also examined the […]

12 September 2011 2 Comments

Brand Communications: 5 great routes to destroy a great brand

Brand communications aim at influencing patterns, attitudes of target towards a brand positively. In most cases, a the goal of a brand communicator is ensuring brand perception is accelerated positively. A clear knowledge to all is that no brand communications strategy can succeed on falsehood forever. It may bring immediate ‘success’ but when the falsehood […]

5 September 2011 4 Comments

How to engage the right audience/target

For many brands, engaging right and most profitable target is a nightmare. They keep casting their nets in different directions and hoping they will get it right one day. Many brands’ efforts are concentrated on pleasing every tom and harry. At the end, they often waste their energies and resources on a wild chase. Two […]

22 August 2011 8 Comments

Brand leadership through strategic communication

Brand leadership is a great and enviable position every brand aspires. But as we know, there is a lot of difference between wishes and realities. If wishes are horses, every beggar will ride. Brand leadership is not a day journey. It entails a continuous hard work on the vision. To add to this, everyone in […]

15 August 2011 11 Comments

Digital communication: Starting point to stardom

Digital communication is no longer an issue of if brands want to; it is more of how to do it well. Digital communications today offer valuable opportunities which brands can use to prospect, connect and build valuable relationship with potential and actual consumers. The major advantage associated with digital marketing is its fast and cost […]

13 August 2011 8 Comments

Hot changes Social Media brings to brands

The twenty years run of changes in web capabilities have brought a lot of changes to the way brands operate. The new changes are often seen in customer service management, stakeholder interface, interaction and relationship building. No brand can pretend to be spared. Most fortune 500 today understands the impact of social media. Most them […]