7 April 2014 0 Comments

Negative Online content? 3 best ways to deal with it

We live in the age of technology with lots of opportunities and challenges for brand owners. There is the daily challenge of phishing, hackers and many other associated problems. There are people who just want to destroy others by all means with no just cause. In our clime, the major challenge here has to do […]

20 September 2012 5 Comments

Online brand communication: tactics that give you an edge

We live in the age of web adaptation, communication¬†and by extension, conversation. Conversation has increased the noise level. Getting attention today is a hard task. Many are talking but only few numbers are heard. Talking is cheap and common; receiving required attention is where the success lies. Many make the mistake of thinking all they […]

22 August 2012 10 Comments

How to run an effective campaign and advocacy in the digital era

Changing times demand a different perspective to the way organizations must drive their system. In the digital era, organizations are trying hard to become the darling spouse of their customers. Unfortunately many become overly infatuated with technology and forget the benefits of real conversation. The shortcoming of others is traceable to lack or real consumer […]

1 August 2012 24 Comments

6 simple ways to avoid hackers and other dangers on Social Media

Many of us today owned created accounts on several social Media platforms. Some have a good purpose for doing this while many just want to belong. The ease of access should not be a reason for abuse and unnecessary exposure. Do not be carried away by the opportunities social media offers. Many people had become […]

6 July 2012 16 Comments

Social Media: 10 easy routes to crisis

Social media is a two edge sword. It has a lot of opportunities and can be a wild lion. Its ability to go viral distinguishes the media from forms of media. As much as we can try, some crises are not preventable while we have control over others. Working and annexing the benefits of social […]

18 January 2012 1 Comment

Online communication: Why your strategy fails

Every communication effort and process needs proper planning to succeed. That a platform permits easy access or next to nothing in terms of cost does not mean lack of knowledge in its operations will be overlooked. A concerned online friend asked me a question yesterday and he would like me to discuss my response on […]