7 March 2022 0 Comments

‘Break the Bias’: Can we?

International Women Day holds tomorrow March 8,2022. For anyone who cares about a great world and cherishes happiness, tomorrow  should matters. Women are not just addendum to life. Their existence  and impacts matter The importance of tomorrow and Women   is clearly demonstrated as United Nations set apart tomorrow  as a day to dialogue and advance issue  […]

7 September 2021 0 Comments

Media employment landscape: Essential skills for…

The outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 came with many disruptions. Media and employment landscape had been badly shaken. These changes include changes in job nomenclatures. Many jobs had been lost while there has been changes to real definition of what work environment means. Today ‘remote or work from home’ has become part of the […]

3 August 2016 0 Comments

CEO’s words as bomb? RCCG’s General Overseer’s Case Study

People say there are things that cannot be recovered.  Time, when wasted, words, when spoken. There are people who say a lot of rubbish and people never paid attention and there are people when they sneezed it is immediately amplified beyond normal especially in this hyper connected world. Watch your back is a great advice […]

15 June 2015 0 Comments

The Perils of Bad Branding

Branding exercises can often fall completely flat on their faces, especially if a distinct lack of imagination is utilised by marketing executives. This was perfectly shown during the rebranding of the Las Vegas Hilton, when its name was changed simply to the LVH Hotel. Uninspiring, boring and more akin to a title used by a […]

25 September 2014 0 Comments

Organization’s Spokesperson As A Liability? Nigeria Army As a case study

Nigeria has been in the news for various reasons. For most part it has been in the negative. From Boko Haram to Kidnapping of over Two Hundred  Chibok Girls and now with outbreak of Ebola Virus which is now being contained. In Public affairs, diplomacy, relations among others, there is need for adequate information management […]

13 September 2014 3 Comments

Weird MultiChoice Nigeria (@DSTVNg) Customer service way

Brand is more than a name. It is the total outlook presented to its Public. It is the ‘ trust mark’s that people can vouch for. Brand is more than having services to offer, it is the ability to delight, engage as well as go the extra miles in making sure consumers also can become […]

3 September 2014 0 Comments

Online free classified Ad: why should small business embrace it?

Advertising is not a modern nomenclature. It is as age long as the society itself. As individuals, we are daily involved in advertising without knowing. When you wake up in the morning and brush your teeth as well as take your bath you are involved in subtle advertising. Asides from personal hygiene factor, your efforts […]

2 September 2014 1 Comment

How to create valuable visibility and strong thought leadership

We live in the age of of ‘relevancy qoutient’. The value your brand commands is determined by the level of relevance you can build with others.  It is the ability of a brand to stand out because of the useful and valuable impact it has been able to create through strong engagement building with the […]

29 January 2014 0 Comments

New market jargons: How to position your brand for new opportunity

Change is the most constant thing in life is a statement many may have issues with. But the truth is that we cannot fight against the reality. The challenge with many is the rate at which things change. It has been difficult for them to catch up. Many are panting, yet they keep moving on […]

20 January 2014 2 Comments

Jacob’s Cross: lessons for digital and brand communication professionals

Life is a teacher. To maximize each day therefore we need to learn from daily events. But it will take a keen observer to benefit from life experiences. A drama/story may open your eyes to new horizons you may not imagine. Around Christmas 2013, DStV, a paid digital television across Africa broadcasted again for viewers […]