5 August 2013 0 Comments

Communication team: 10 points that determine your survival in today’s professional enviroment

Bill Gates was once quoted ‘if I have the last penny, I will rather spend it on Public Relations (communication)’. This is a great signal to from a business guru who understands impact of communication in any business success. In many cases, communication activities and departments suffer budget cuts. It takes informed top management to […]

29 August 2011 3 Comments

Brand Communication: can your brand handle a bomb blast?

Last Friday will remain evergreen in the hearts of United Nations’ country offices In Abuja Nigeria. That marked the  first  suicide bombing experience in Nigeria and in the United Nations building. Many workers and their family members within this international building (which housed about twenty-six development and other humanitarian Organizations) in Abuja Nigeria suffered unprecedented […]

13 June 2011 11 Comments

How to win the online advocacy and sales war.

Winning online advocacy and sales war requires sound strategy crafted by those who understand the language of advocacy and sales wars. Those who know what branding is understand the battle for the minds may be more intense than physical ‘gun-carrying’ situation. In mind possession, same tactic still holds. The General who win at war do […]

14 March 2011 1 Comment

Report from the Political Branding rountable

I was one of the keynote speakers at Brandwagon(A thought leadership Forum organized by M2 magazine) last week Thursday. The edition focused on Perspective on Political Branding in Nigeria. It was such a rich interdisciplinary session that brought together different views of experts from Branding, Communication, Marketing and Political consulting industry. Some of the keynotes […]

4 March 2011 4 Comments

Brand awareness and communication: how to tap brand followers’ energy

We all know it is hard work to get the necessary and required eyeballs. Whether online and offline, this is due to increase in the noise level. Those who are in marketing communications (offline and online) will share experience if you will care to listen. As we are all aware, it is not enough to […]

16 February 2011 5 Comments

should brands take influencers’ relations serious?

I have noticed that change is very difficult for human. Everyone says they are opened to change while in reality they will keep postponing what needs to be done. Clear understanding of brand’s environment with keen eyes on the changes that are going on are vital keys. That is if brand will continue to be […]

14 February 2011 5 Comments

Brand communication: How to communicate value instead of unproductive attack

Each brand has its own competitor. Brand excels when it has built enough equity that can sustain strong emotional attachment for life with its audience and not when it creates cults of ‘negative word of mouth crusaders’ President Goodluck Jonathan, the incumbent President of Nigeria, is doing his best to come back to power in April […]

11 February 2011 10 Comments

How to strengthen your personal brand communication

It is no joke that personal brand communication will become  the survival of the ‘fitest’ battle. One can begin to look at it like a war zone which requires strategy development. This is particularly true when one takes a look at the potential rise in the relevance of social media platform around the globe. The […]

12 January 2011 20 Comments

Brand communications: Meeting the challenges in the rise of social commerce

More than anything else, this new decade will witness unquantifiable level in the rise of social commerce. The gate of social entrepreneurship is now wide opened. It is certain many will take advantage of this new opportunity also. Many brands that exist before may need to learn the rudiments of this new trade and find […]

5 January 2011 11 Comments

Brand communications and the new marketing school

Many professional communicators caught their teeth in the school of marketing that emphasized the four Ps. We were told then that marketing involves Pricing, Product, Place, and Promotion. After a while, someone came out to say that these are not sufficient enough if after sales is not added.  Today many believe conversation, contribution and co-creation […]