24 February 2012 0 Comments

12 factors that will make your community stronger

A strong brand community is an asset. It is often refers to as a social capital which can help build brand’s profile. Today, brand communities are considered tribes. Brand community has an inestimable value to its creator. But as we know, having a community is just the foundational step. More than ever before, having thousands […]

27 January 2012 0 Comments

Brand Communication: Can you differentiate your crowd?

Knowledge about brand is unending. It is only a foolish person who says he knows it all. Today, I am able to confirm I do not know as I ought to know. We have been working hard on convincing ourselves on a better way to enlighten a friend who feels with thousands of followers, he […]

5 July 2011 30 Comments

Brand communication: how to make your target happy

We live in the age of attention span deficiency. Yet brand must evolve, engage or die. There are no two ways to this. Those who understand the trick. Brand targets want to bond, but many things are craving for their attention. Like we maintained a brand must look for a space and owned it otherwise […]

12 July 2010 22 Comments

Brands: How to fund your social and cultural capital

We live in the age of information, connection and conversation. Any brand that will be successful today must understand generosity to thrive. To make impact you must go all out to help both established and upcoming brands. I am beginning to understand that you must be ready to give without a demand for returns immediately […]

12 January 2010 92 Comments

Community engagement:a must for successful brand/tribe

There is no need repeating the obvious. Humans thrive when there is interaction, bonding and not when in isolation. Humans are not wired to live in isolation. To be successful human/brand needs solid relationships, engagement with others. since the world has become a global village, building engagement withy locals only deprive brands the benefits that […]

7 September 2009 30 Comments

How to promote contribution, connection in online community

Many-brand owners as well as community leaders, wonder why their online communities do not enjoy active participation. Online community like brands needs a lot of emotional interactions to promote active members’ involvement. Online community aim must rest on a regular provision, satisfaction of building common interest that endears community member to each other. Not that […]

15 April 2009 10 Comments

Merits of a brand community

We can look at a community in different ways. But here we see a community as a group of people, who believe in an idea, choose to live together through common systems and who believe in the healthy propagation of community values, ideas. With strong community, brands have realized over the years the need to […]