26 August 2012 5 Comments

Brand communication: 4 crucial factors that breed engagement

Those who understand how to make much impact with their brands will never joke with its communication and marketing strategies. Minus vision, these two pillars are the rock upon which the brand stands. They dictate brand’s well-being and state of health. If these two factors are missing, the brand’s affliction becomes terminal. It is just […]

5 September 2011 4 Comments

How to engage the right audience/target

For many brands, engaging right and most profitable target is a nightmare. They keep casting their nets in different directions and hoping they will get it right one day. Many brands’ efforts are concentrated on pleasing every tom and harry. At the end, they often waste their energies and resources on a wild chase. Two […]

7 June 2011 8 Comments

Brand marketing: four ways to get best result

Brand marketing in Nigeria, Africa or elsewhere is now dynamic. Brand marketers now faced the need to innovate and yet to be accountable. Budget must be accountable .Brand marketing efforts must show, translate to increase in  bottomline. Marketing effort has moved from one-off route where all we do is broadcast message and hoping the uneducated […]

28 May 2010 11 Comments

Brands:What determines whether they will invest in your services

Many times brand custodians are concerned about pushing their products to the target market. Many assume that just creating a service is the end of it and people will rush in to purchase their services. This assumption is often based on the fact that the new service is a one- in- town bullet proofed idea. […]

27 May 2010 59 Comments

Brands:How to drive growth

We all love growth. But many do not plan for it. Do no ever forget the law that says every object remains at a standstill until a force is applied. Many successful brands today will not be in the radar again in a couple of years just because they have forgotten how they get here. […]

19 October 2009 19 Comments

How to turn searchers to customers,loyalists or followers

This will be the last part of the two previous posts. Google and other search engines have turned many into product, service researchers while at the confine of their rooms or offices. Today’s customers are no longer satisfied with information provided by brand advertisers or traditional media. They really want to see things as it. […]

23 June 2009 7 Comments

How to generate new brand business

The situation is already making everyone to look for the best way to maximize values from every deal. Everyone is out to get best benefits in terms of Naira or Dollar value on their expenditures. The melt down has made every one a shrewd manager of resources. New businesses are not coming up as they used […]

8 January 2009 Comments Off on Brand equity building

Brand equity building

Brand equity is the sustained value that customers placed on your brand over others. Brand equity is built through a consistent and sustained delivery of promise. This suggests that brand equity is built over time. Equity is not built in a day. Merely understanding the equity markets is enough should tell an individual something vital […]