29 January 2014 0 Comments

New market jargons: How to position your brand for new opportunity

Change is the most constant thing in life is a statement many may have issues with. But the truth is that we cannot fight against the reality. The challenge with many is the rate at which things change. It has been difficult for them to catch up. Many are panting, yet they keep moving on […]

2 May 2013 2 Comments

5 reasons why online Brand monitoring is essential

 Digital media use has become part of our daily activities. Many are getting tired and coming to the conclusion there is no economic value outside having fun and staying in touch with political and other relevant news. While digital media use to some may be a time consuming project, one outstanding benefit of this medium […]

23 April 2010 14 Comments

Brand education:key to successful engagement, equity

I am a strong believer in the cliché which says  ‘if you think education Is expensive, try ignorance’. In many ways I have come to understand that a literate individual who is well informed can become a great advocate than someone who is misinformed or carry around wrong opinion. I am beginning to see why […]