3 November 2010 18 Comments

Successful Brands: How To understand the energy behind them

Yesterday I was thinking about what makes great brands successful. I actually downloaded an autobiography to understand the energy that sustained most great brands in the past. I do not know whether it is me or if others see life the way I see it. I often wonder why I am not far ahead from […]

11 October 2010 11 Comments

Personal branding: How to strengthen yours in your market

People today need to realize like never before that they have only one life to live. This one life needs to be lived to the fullest. The choice of what becomes your personal brands in the marketplace is not anybody’s but yours! Earning a living as well as standing out in the midst of our […]

13 September 2010 23 Comments

Brands:How public Relations helps in brand building

Over the years of studying brands and helping companies to build brands, I have come to understand the role Public Relations play in introducing new brands. Most brands fail to command attention and market equity because they were introduced into the market place with advertising instead of Public Relations. Do you ever imagine putting a […]

9 August 2010 27 Comments

Personal Branding Lesson from ‘In Pursuit Of Happyness’

Someone says the spelling above is not right but that is the title of a film I watched. So pardon the title spelling. Those who are close to me know I am not a huge fan of movie and films. When I take the chance to watch one it must be that I am fascinated […]

27 May 2010 59 Comments

Brands:How to drive growth

We all love growth. But many do not plan for it. Do no ever forget the law that says every object remains at a standstill until a force is applied. Many successful brands today will not be in the radar again in a couple of years just because they have forgotten how they get here. […]

12 May 2010 11 Comments

How to re-invent your brand

We must realize that building a brand in today’s market is far different from what it used to be. When we assume that the major way of building brand is through the marketing gimmicks, we are making the greatest mistake of the highest order. It does not work that way anymore. When a brand is […]

7 May 2010 28 Comments

Building Brand through trust

Trust is an issue today. Without trust there is no love is a common cliché. Whether in a marriage or just casual relationship. People do not open up their minds to people they do not trust.When it comes to brands, people avoid brands that concentrate on gimicks, advert at the expense of building relationship that […]

23 April 2010 14 Comments

Brand education:key to successful engagement, equity

I am a strong believer in the cliché which says  ‘if you think education Is expensive, try ignorance’. In many ways I have come to understand that a literate individual who is well informed can become a great advocate than someone who is misinformed or carry around wrong opinion. I am beginning to see why […]

24 January 2010 55 Comments

Brand survival in a distressed economy

The sign of stressed economy is here today. It is obvious that little fund is being programmed to accomplish many tasks. Many individuals who have been victims of lay off may not even have enough to go round either for their families or themselves. The recession effects though seemed declining in advanced countries; most developing […]

19 January 2010 Comments Off on How people rate your brand

How people rate your brand

Many people/brands search for magic wand that will place their brands on the pinnacle of success. In my little research, I have come to understand that the obvious are not seen. Many have eyes that are not trained to spot their opportunities. Opportunity can fall on a person’s laps if the laps are well positioned. […]