26 April 2017 0 Comments

Nestle Nigeria: ‘Flesh Marketing in a growing up’ product?

If our information is correct, Nestle Nigeria, maker of Milo, will soon come out with a disruptive campaign for its food drink product: Milo. The campaign as claimed by the Agency (Tonydoo visual) behind it has the slogan ‘the future champions are now grown’. A concept calling for a change in mindset with regards to […]

15 December 2009 12 Comments

Brand identity

Brand identity are distingushable characteristics that are consistent, enduring and predictable messages and perception. Brand identity is important because everything is judged by its appearance. What is not seen counts for nothing. Brand must never allows itself to get lost in the crowd, because it will be buried in oblivion. Brand identity must be packaged […]

20 May 2009 8 Comments

Brand identity impact

Many wonder why identity is that important in branding. Brand identity is its physical distinctiveness, personality and uniqueness. Identity aids brand’s memorability. It is the representation of the brand in the mind of its market. Interestingly most brand identities are exposed to an average of hundred people a day (personal brands) while other brands are […]

21 January 2009 18 Comments

Visual identity and personal, corporate brand success

An identity is a mean by which someone or something is identified. An identity is the means by which the customers or stakeholders perceive the brand. Brand identity helps to achieve instant recognition. A well nurtured brand identity gives brand recognition and when this is done properly, the brand enjoys a mass of positive accolades […]