8 November 2011 7 Comments

5 essential skills of disruptive brand innovator

Those who have the mastery of any trade never joke with continuous innovation. At the base of every innovation is curiosity, seeing the possibility and calculated risk taking. Without innovation the future of any brand is not guaranteed. Brand communicators need to come to term with changing communication needs of the present generation. Delighting and […]

4 May 2009 7 Comments

Why brand’s innovation is necessary.

Innovation is KEY to keeping our brand healthy. As good as this may be, many brands are avowed to innovation because they feel it will hurt the positioning. Innovation does not necessarily to be disruptive even though it may be part of it. In my continuous research on the word “Innovation” I have come to […]

11 February 2009 Comments Off on Innovation and brand’s profitability

Innovation and brand’s profitability

In my study of innovation, I have come to like Tom peters’ definition of the use of the word. Tom Peter says ‘Innovation is a number game, the guy who tries the most wins. He goes further to say that innovation can thrive where there is right brand culture, positive mindset that is willing to […]