15 August 2012 11 Comments

Brand communication and marketing: the David Becham way

Ability to draw applicable wisdom from others in turning around one’s own fortune is highly essential. Someone has said ‘experience is a great teacher especially if it is not yours’. Learning from the experiences of others will help a brand in no small way. It is good if we understand no brand is too big […]

12 August 2012 8 Comments

Tim Tebow: A guide to influencer marketing

Tim Tebow 24, real name, Timothy Richard just made the latest `Times 100 persons of global influence` list. One cannot but be happy with this young man whose name appears on a list that includes Barrack Obama, Goodluck Jonathan an Romney among others. Tim Tebow brand offers a great guide to influencers’ marketers on great […]

9 August 2012 24 Comments

Lolo Jones Vs Jere Longman of NYT: social Media lessons

Those who are sport lovers would have been following the Olympic game. More importantly as many that love US team will know who Lolo Jones is. But just for a recap, Lolo Jones is a sprinter who was part of US team in the last Beijing Olympic but lost out narrowly. Once again after a […]

27 July 2012 14 Comments

7 reasons why social Media is not free

Social media is now a wonder in this generation as it gives voice to the voiceless. Everyone who has something to say now has a platform as long as they have access to internet. Social media revolution has brought a lot of changes to the way we communicate, market and conduct our affairs. Those who […]

16 July 2012 15 Comments

12 viral diseases that can kill content marketing fast

Everyone knows we live in the age of conversation with the advent of technology powered by social media. The backbone of every conversation is based on relevant content ‘curated’, published and marketed through right platforms couple with a high dose of spirit of sharing and promotion of others. In content publishing and marketing, it is essential […]

13 July 2012 22 Comments

Coca-Cola and Ronaldinho’s brand endorsement case study

Brand endorsement or ambassadorship has become popular. It is a phenomenon associated with the ‘borrowed equity’ syndrome. It is meant to cause more attention or create more awareness through a known face (in most times) whose brand personality, presence and personal resonate with the brand idea or target audience. Nike and Addidas as sport wear […]

12 July 2012 27 Comments

Brand positioning: how to push your small marketing agency above the sea level

The rate at which Marketing Agencies are springing up today is good for competition. Many have argued against proliferation of many small Agencies when they can merge with larger one to make a formidable team. My take is if a team feel they can bring necessary changes to the system and transform existing playing ground […]

4 July 2012 9 Comments

Brand marketing: How effective Customer support helps a storage firm

There are several ways to communicate brand’s value and attract target customers. Depending on the market or industry a brand operates, it is expedient to see customer as more than an individual. Many brands have used product quality while others use nearness and access to sales people as a bait to attract new potentials. No […]

26 June 2012 6 Comments

Brand Communication: 6 ways to destroy a brand’s DNA

Brand communication is one of the essential ways to build a successful and leading brand. If a brand has the solid foundation in vision and sound strategy but lacks necessary communication tactic that can help in strengthening its position among the competitors hope of survival is almost gone. Coming to what is DNA. The biological […]

9 March 2012 0 Comments

4 major factors that make social marketing successful

Even though social marketing has become part of the jargons we need to learn, mastering the skills that count for success is still an issue with many professionals. Like a fish out of water struggling for survival, many digital marketers are struggling hard to outdo others without basic understanding of the terrain or what really […]