2 September 2014 1 Comment

How to create valuable visibility and strong thought leadership

We live in the age of of ‘relevancy qoutient’. The value your brand commands is determined by the level of relevance you can build with others.  It is the ability of a brand to stand out because of the useful and valuable impact it has been able to create through strong engagement building with the […]

6 December 2013 0 Comments

Nelson Mandela: the making of an iconic brand

Nelson Mandela, the great illustrious son of Africa and a citizen of South Africa died late last night. The great brand, a legend indeed, a true brand  lived a life that touched everyone. The life and time of this great personal brand exposed to us, brand managers, what it will require to enjoy global engagement […]

12 October 2013 0 Comments

Brand positioning: why you cannot ignore… despite Al Ries’

Al Ries and many other experts in this field had dominated the discussion up till early 21st century. Some of their principles are still valid but will require modification. Their philosophies were unquestionable words of gods then because they thrived when technology had not boomed. While we are not saying Al Ries and co are […]

17 December 2012 0 Comments

Brand Positioning: Factors that will count 1n 2013

As we move towards the end of 2012 and are fast approaching a new year, it is time to take stock and  properly evaluate brands’ action and inaction that had culminated in whatever position we find ourselves. Many brands will never learn. They w ill rather continue in self delusion. They will rather think they […]

12 July 2012 27 Comments

Brand positioning: how to push your small marketing agency above the sea level

The rate at which Marketing Agencies are springing up today is good for competition. Many have argued against proliferation of many small Agencies when they can merge with larger one to make a formidable team. My take is if a team feel they can bring necessary changes to the system and transform existing playing ground […]

21 June 2012 7 Comments

African brands’ Communication: Time to step up the game

African brands’ communication is picking up faster in the past few years when  to two decades ago. Some of the brands with origin in Africa are raising their wings against other competitive brands across the world.  No thanks to the level of technology. Africans and its brands are fast embracing technology use. As much as […]

21 March 2012 0 Comments

Brand Communication: How to avoid disaster

Brand communication is an art that can be learnt. It is also a science which follows basic process. Gaining recognition or to be successful in this process may not come cheap. Being a brand communicator today requires a form of expertise and passion. The reason behind this assertion is obvious. If you are not an […]

13 December 2011 2 Comments

Brand marketing: Keeping with the changes.

Landscape of marketing is changing in a disruptive manner. Whoever thinks it will go back to the traditional practice needs a rethink. Marketing terrain will never remain the same. All we need to do is to understand and take advantages of the new phase we find ourselves. Today, it is no longer news; customers do […]

5 December 2011 15 Comments

Brand Positioning: best ways to maximize 2012 opportunities

Those who understand the secret of the future know how to master the future before it arrives. They do not wait till early January before they start their New Year resolution. At the time many are still working on their resolutions, the wise brands have gone ahead through proper positioning of the brand for greater […]

15 November 2011 1 Comment

Brand relevance: 7 ways to strengthen your position

Brand relevance speaks volume when we consider influence, significance, importance and bearing a brand has over a particular market. Every brand cherishes been recognized, positioned at the top of the market. But this is impossible without some sorts of trustworthy credentials that can provoke a high level of believability, reliability, authority and standing. Brand relevance […]