30 October 2012 8 Comments

Social Media: Transparency and Authenticity in Online Marketing

Small, startup brands and social media advertising go hand in hand. There has never been a medium so welcoming and with so much potential. By developing a successful marketing strategy, a simple business idea accompanied by a strong plan can turn any brand into a household name – especially through the use of Facebook, with […]

14 February 2012 0 Comments

Online Media: five ways to Increase brand relevance and authority

Every brand desires to be great. But real greatness has price tag. We know there is nothing like overnight success. Every real overnight success has several nights of doing without sleep (in-between). Social/Online Media has become part of our brand communication tool. No serious brands have any need of long preaching to appreciate this. You […]

19 November 2010 5 Comments

Brand positioning: How to enhance brand’s position with new projects

I am so excited this morning. This site has been down for over a week. No thanks to my host (which had internal  issues to resolve). I have been so concerned about my community. But having done what was humanly possible by making consistent contact with my host company and there seemed  to be nothing […]

12 July 2010 22 Comments

Brands: How to fund your social and cultural capital

We live in the age of information, connection and conversation. Any brand that will be successful today must understand generosity to thrive. To make impact you must go all out to help both established and upcoming brands. I am beginning to understand that you must be ready to give without a demand for returns immediately […]

2 July 2010 19 Comments

Branding lesson from’I think I Love My Wife’

I know I have this urge to stay with my laptop for 24hours a day as long as there is power and internet on it. I am daily working hard to leave the laptop alone to cater for many important issues of life like family. I try hard to shut down the laptop at home […]

19 January 2010 Comments Off on How people rate your brand

How people rate your brand

Many people/brands search for magic wand that will place their brands on the pinnacle of success. In my little research, I have come to understand that the obvious are not seen. Many have eyes that are not trained to spot their opportunities. Opportunity can fall on a person’s laps if the laps are well positioned. […]