12 July 2012 27 Comments

Brand positioning: how to push your small marketing agency above the sea level

The rate at which Marketing Agencies are springing up today is good for competition. Many have argued against proliferation of many small Agencies when they can merge with larger one to make a formidable team. My take is if a team feel they can bring necessary changes to the system and transform existing playing ground […]

27 January 2012 0 Comments

Brand Communication: Can you differentiate your crowd?

Knowledge about brand is unending. It is only a foolish person who says he knows it all. Today, I am able to confirm I do not know as I ought to know. We have been working hard on convincing ourselves on a better way to enlighten a friend who feels with thousands of followers, he […]

15 October 2009 30 Comments

Personal Branding: Do you really want to get attention?

Personal branding has become the current buzzword since Tom Peter’s article of 1997.It is no longer news that your personal brand is your face in the marketplace. It is your ability to use your own uniqueness to help others who buy into you. Getting and sustaining attention today is huge work. Many wonder why their […]

14 October 2009 91 Comments

Brand promotion through webinar and video conferencing.

Internet has become a driving force for brand globalization. It has granted an increasing speed to the wheel of business transaction. That accounted for more brands embracing the internet. No brand exists today without a Google resume. Having established that there are several opportunities for brand to promote and build engagement on the internet without […]