19 August 2011 16 Comments

Managing brand crisis with finesse

Brand crisis may neither be pleasurable nor desirable but they do occur. Any wise brand or institution needs to prepare for crisis of all forms. While there are some crises that are preventable, some come naturally and need lots of strategic designs to curb. Many brands and institutions never remain the same after a crisis. […]

8 August 2011 18 Comments

Brand Communication: How to make history happen

Two days ago, the world celebrated twenty years of real world wide world inauguration that led to web 2.0 rave. Tim Berners-Lee created the first web browser, World Wide Web and posted some stuff live on the internet. The introduction of World Wide Web has changed the way we all live today. I am just […]

28 July 2011 24 Comments

Brand communication and Social Media lessons from ‘The 3 Idiots’

Everyday should be a classroom where we learn. Every situation or circumstance should teach us a lesson. Those who do not make learning a priority will soon grow old and become obsolete. I am not a movie fanatic but sometimes I derive joy in using some as a favourite pastime. ‘The 3 idiots’ produced by […]

16 June 2011 3 Comments

Social Media downside and other issues: Rep. Anthony Weiner

Social Media in Nigeria, Africa and elsewhere in the world is a powerful communication tool. But like I maintained in a previous post,social media has it challenges. Social Media can be compared to a wild animal. If not tamed, it can tear its owner. In ability to do this well often leads to brand destruction. […]

13 June 2011 11 Comments

How to win the online advocacy and sales war.

Winning online advocacy and sales war requires sound strategy crafted by those who understand the language of advocacy and sales wars. Those who know what branding is understand the battle for the minds may be more intense than physical ‘gun-carrying’ situation. In mind possession, same tactic still holds. The General who win at war do […]

25 May 2010 42 Comments

How to guarantee brand’s success

Success is not mystical. When you apply the principles and follow through the process, there is a high tendency that you can achieve substantial result. Success is never achieved overnight. Ask those who have tasted real success. It took them several months of sleepless nights, commitment, passion and patience. Most brands suffer from despair, but […]

5 March 2010 9 Comments

Brands: silence may no longer be golden!

Silence is golden is an age long cliché. I used to be a fan of this and I am still in love with it. But the events that are unfolding today require that a re examination of what used to be valid truths now require modifications or changes. In the light of the age we […]

20 May 2009 29 Comments

Will this brand strategy work?

Strategy is from the Greek word ‘strategia’. It has its root in the military which speaks volume about maneuvering troops to engage the enemy even before the war starts. A strategy has far-reaching impact on the success of anything, brand inclusive. To develop a strategy that will work, brand must understand its niche, players as […]

14 January 2009 11 Comments

National Branding:why the fuss?

‘A strong brand is a rich brand and richness implies a complex and satisfying mix of many different elements, but these do little to diminish its equity’.-Simon Anholt From the research available, the brand equity of the USA appears to have significant portion of negative elements like drugs, teenage pregnancy, abuses among others. But these […]