10 April 2012 0 Comments

Brand success: Impact of time and chance

Brand success hinges on several factors. There is strategy factor, market forces and time element.  Not to forget also, there is the key role of management and other brand stakeholders. Brand success requires a village mentality to really blossom. While time is considered to be of great essence, can we actually say chance or what […]

25 May 2010 42 Comments

How to guarantee brand’s success

Success is not mystical. When you apply the principles and follow through the process, there is a high tendency that you can achieve substantial result. Success is never achieved overnight. Ask those who have tasted real success. It took them several months of sleepless nights, commitment, passion and patience. Most brands suffer from despair, but […]

4 May 2009 7 Comments

Why brand’s innovation is necessary.

Innovation is KEY to keeping our brand healthy. As good as this may be, many brands are avowed to innovation because they feel it will hurt the positioning. Innovation does not necessarily to be disruptive even though it may be part of it. In my continuous research on the word “Innovation” I have come to […]

26 December 2008 16 Comments

Guard your brand

As we approach 2009, many are already dancing to the need for a personal branding. But as much as this is good news, many will through euphoria of this miss a greater part of the show. Everything that has value needs adequate protection. To confirm this, one may ask a lady who invested millions on […]