2 September 2014 1 Comment

How to create valuable visibility and strong thought leadership

We live in the age of of ‘relevancy qoutient’. The value your brand commands is determined by the level of relevance you can build with others.  It is the ability of a brand to stand out because of the useful and valuable impact it has been able to create through strong engagement building with the […]

7 May 2012 2 Comments

Social media Success: impact of external links

I am sure by now we all know the benefits of social media use to personal and corporate growth. Many things have been said and written on the need to invest time, energy and money in it to make a success out of it. This is a common truth as there is nothing worthwhile without […]

28 March 2012 0 Comments

Basic steps to rule your market

As we know, developing great products or services and marketing strategies with heavy budget do not guarantee success. To be successful, a unique market to be dominated by you must be carved first. It is also wisdom to create barriers that will not be easy for the competitor to scale if the brand must continue […]

25 July 2011 88 Comments

Brand Influence or Popularity: Which camp are you?

We live in the age of buzzword, noise, conversation. Every strong brand today understands the impact of third party endorsement, word of mouth as it tends to reduce cost of marketing and other allied costs. No wonder, every brand tries to outdo the others in building strong engagement with its stakeholder at both online and […]

23 November 2010 3 Comments

Brand visibility: Tips to get you ahead

 A lighted candle covered by a  bushel has no use to itself or its environment. The essence of any brand creation is to give value to both the creator and its audience. But as we know, the value a brand should give to its audience must be a priority. Otherwise it will fail within few […]

20 February 2010 19 Comments

Twitter and your brand

I have been asked several times why do I think Twitter holds any benefits for Nigerian and African brands. The reason to some is that the population of Nigerians and Africans on twitter is still negligible compare to the western world. The concerns Ihave noticeds on the faces of those who asked such question  has […]

5 January 2010 16 Comments

A.D.D: a common personal brand disease.

Attention deficit disorder is a coinage of the new age. No one seems to have time for anything except those things that are of utmost importance to them. No one is extremely interested in your brand except if it adds value to them. The noise level is not even helping the matter. The noise level […]

3 April 2009 26 Comments

“Twitter” and your brand visibility

Twitter has become a major influence in the social media networking platform. According to Wikipedia,this source states and outlines benefits, popularity of twitter “Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service created by then Cornell student Jack Dorsey that enables its users to send and read other users’ updates known as tweets. Tweets are text-based […]