30 November 2012 2 Comments

How Experiential Branding helps brand engagement

We live in the age of niche. The earlier you understand what you stand for the better. In the years’ past, marketing communication professionals were group under just one umbrella name. Today, it appears, many branches had sprung up. Some are now experiential marketers among others. The latest addition or may be it has always […]

10 October 2011 8 Comments

5 Hot tips to secure your brand’s future.

Many brands dream of the future they will not feature in. It is not because these brands have no potential to be there. Neither is it because the space available in the future cannot accommodate all. The sad stuff is that the future is in most times impatient with lily- liver brands. Dreaming and wishing […]

25 July 2011 88 Comments

Brand Influence or Popularity: Which camp are you?

We live in the age of buzzword, noise, conversation. Every strong brand today understands the impact of third party endorsement, word of mouth as it tends to reduce cost of marketing and other allied costs. No wonder, every brand tries to outdo the others in building strong engagement with its stakeholder at both online and […]

12 July 2011 18 Comments

Brand Communication: How to get best result from inputs

Times are changing fast. Brand communication professionals around the world and Africa are discovering the old ways would not work again. What makes the matter worse today is that it appears all spaces are taken. The best way to do it for some is to narrow down from mass market to unique niche or to […]

22 November 2010 15 Comments

Personal branding: How to re-ignite your passion

Wow, 2010 is almost gone. For some people, this year is the best of the year that has ever happened to them all-around. But it is not out of place to see some in the majority who are still looking at their goals with a feeling of when will I tick these goals as accomplished. […]

9 November 2010 11 Comments

Branding lesson from ‘A Good Man Is Hard To Find’

Those who insist on learning from a  line of thought associated with their pattern will miss opportunity in other sources they think cannot teach them anything. I am beginning to see that some movies have in them capacity to teach us greater professional lessons we cannot learn elsewhere. For those who know, I am not […]

3 November 2010 18 Comments

Successful Brands: How To understand the energy behind them

Yesterday I was thinking about what makes great brands successful. I actually downloaded an autobiography to understand the energy that sustained most great brands in the past. I do not know whether it is me or if others see life the way I see it. I often wonder why I am not far ahead from […]

26 October 2010 21 Comments

Brand communications: how to effectively reach your audience

Today’s marketplace is stuffy. To effectively communicate a brand’s uniqueness, value requires tact, proper understanding of the terrain and customers’ pathway. Brand communication is certainly a complex work for many. This is unlike what obtained a few decades ago.  The complexity is traceable to the fact that there are myriads of brands today than ever […]

14 October 2010 12 Comments

Brand and community building strategy

Every day I get request from people who are tired of investing time in building a strong brand community. Some have tried severally to build a profitable and engaging community without success. Some of them are aware that there is a possibility that such state exist where a brand can achieve long desired goal of […]

5 October 2010 10 Comments

Branding and online community lessons from a cab driver -2

This is the second part of a story I started yesterday. It is about  a cab driver that thought me great lesson in branding and community building through persistence and dedication. I hope our community can learn something from this too. Let me say a big thank you to Mr. Smart (not real name) who […]