22 August 2011 8 Comments

Brand leadership through strategic communication

Brand leadership is a great and enviable position every brand aspires. But as we know, there is a lot of difference between wishes and realities. If wishes are horses, every beggar will ride. Brand leadership is not a day journey. It entails a continuous hard work on the vision. To add to this, everyone in […]

13 July 2011 2 Comments

How feedback aids brand loyalty

Many brands owners are comfortable only when money comes in. They are at their best when customers troop in t purchase their goods. As much as we know profits lubricate the wheel of brand’s progress, a total emphasis on profit making often makes brands to ignore certain vital issues which guarantee continuous prosperity of the […]

22 November 2010 15 Comments

Personal branding: How to re-ignite your passion

Wow, 2010 is almost gone. For some people, this year is the best of the year that has ever happened to them all-around. But it is not out of place to see some in the majority who are still looking at their goals with a feeling of when will I tick these goals as accomplished. […]

11 September 2010 9 Comments

Brands:How to make your online community thick.

As someone who cares about brand community and how to generate engagement, I have taken time to study (either by personal experience or by observation) the qualities that have helped strong communities  become what they are. I have come to a strong conviction that strong communities do not just evolve; someone is committed to the […]

22 May 2009 5 Comments

How to create demands for brands

A brand without sales is playing games. Even though sales is now reduced to relationship, yet sales keep the wheel of the brand going. Generating demands for brand today is huge work. Martin Lindstrom talks about Buy.ology in his latest book. This speaks volume about today’s brand buyers. Inability to create a demand for brand […]

6 April 2009 2 Comments

The brand’s tribe: Recapturing Africa’s lost heritage

The Tribe was first used with regards to branding by Seth Godin. Each time I have thought about the notion of tribe, I consider the depth that African should have that we do not. Not only as an individual but as a professional in the field of branding particularly when it comes to brand’s tribe. […]