4 June 2012 0 Comments

Attention Economy: 6 routes to prominence

Brand communication in Africa is gradually catching up with western style. The noise level is now rising. Africa business owners like the rest of the world now appreciate the value of online platforms. We are gradually paying to the value of attention economy. Getting relevant attention for whatever you do is a major factor. That […]

15 November 2011 1 Comment

Brand relevance: 7 ways to strengthen your position

Brand relevance speaks volume when we consider influence, significance, importance and bearing a brand has over a particular market. Every brand cherishes been recognized, positioned at the top of the market. But this is impossible without some sorts of trustworthy credentials that can provoke a high level of believability, reliability, authority and standing. Brand relevance […]

10 December 2010 6 Comments

Brand’s habit: How to cultivate great habit that leads to success

Today I will be examining the power of habit in human and brand’s success. Habits are formed and no one is born with one. I stand to be corrected on this though. Habit is seen as a pattern of behaviour, lifestyle, routine, custom, inclination and conventions. It is an old cliché that says ‘we form […]

3 November 2010 18 Comments

Successful Brands: How To understand the energy behind them

Yesterday I was thinking about what makes great brands successful. I actually downloaded an autobiography to understand the energy that sustained most great brands in the past. I do not know whether it is me or if others see life the way I see it. I often wonder why I am not far ahead from […]