13 July 2011 2 Comments

How feedback aids brand loyalty

Many brands owners are comfortable only when money comes in. They are at their best when customers troop in t purchase their goods. As much as we know profits lubricate the wheel of brand’s progress, a total emphasis on profit making often makes brands to ignore certain vital issues which guarantee continuous prosperity of the […]

19 May 2009 18 Comments

Brand influencers and brand success

In any given situation, circumstance or community there are noted influencers who can either spell the doom or make the community grows. Interestingly many brands today do not know how to manage their major influencers if they have properly identified them at all. For personal brands that are married, spouses and children can be a […]

8 May 2009 111 Comments

How executive brands affect corporate performance

We live in a changing world no doubt. Branding now has several branches. The earlier we all adjust to this demand as corporate players the better for each one of us. The impact of executive brand is phenomenon and those who ignore this will stay in the cold for long. We can not afford to […]

28 April 2009 2 Comments

Factors that sell a brand.

After a couple of years in brand management, I was thinking about what major factors I will recommend to a client who wants to build a virile brand-corporate, personal, product, executive. This thought took me some time over the night yesterday because I do not want a research that people may not be able to […]

18 March 2009 7 Comments

How to increase brand’s bottom line

There are several avenues available to brand to achieve its personal, corporate goals. But because of the recession, every effort to patronize some seemingly low cost platforms should be annexed. Brand communities are platforms for creating a beneficial dialogue between brands and its users in an online environment which promotes brand’s buying, relationship at both […]