5 July 2011 30 Comments

Brand communication: how to make your target happy

We live in the age of attention span deficiency. Yet brand must evolve, engage or die. There are no two ways to this. Those who understand the trick. Brand targets want to bond, but many things are craving for their attention. Like we maintained a brand must look for a space and owned it otherwise […]

8 November 2010 7 Comments

Brand success: Learning to celebrate little achievement

Appreciation is the oil that lubricates the wing of brand’s progress. Many want to achieve the main goal overnight. They get discouraged because they cannot hit the moon at first attempt. Those who know the magic of continuous success understand that they need to celebrate the little achievement they make before they hit the main […]

3 December 2009 38 Comments

Brand’s success from a customer’s perspective

Recently I read an article titled ‘ideas no longer rule the world’. While the writer did not completely ruled out the fact that idea is still important, he was of the opinion that many ideas, brand owners propose today are non- tested, non-valid from customers’ point of view. No wonder, many of these ideas failed […]

28 April 2009 2 Comments

Factors that sell a brand.

After a couple of years in brand management, I was thinking about what major factors I will recommend to a client who wants to build a virile brand-corporate, personal, product, executive. This thought took me some time over the night yesterday because I do not want a research that people may not be able to […]

18 March 2009 7 Comments

How to increase brand’s bottom line

There are several avenues available to brand to achieve its personal, corporate goals. But because of the recession, every effort to patronize some seemingly low cost platforms should be annexed. Brand communities are platforms for creating a beneficial dialogue between brands and its users in an online environment which promotes brand’s buying, relationship at both […]