18 November 2013 1 Comment

Non- profit and digital media: How to achieve speed with your cause.

    The explosion of digital story telling tools will remain a mystery to anyone who lived and passed on in the 20th century. That is if they have opportunity to resurrect now. For every organization and especially Non- profit, there is now ample opportunity to gain speed if the mission is genuine and has […]

5 October 2013 0 Comments

Digital Marketing & Online campaign: 7 ways to guarantee success beyond doubt

Marketing and campaigns today are no longer channeled exclusively through traditional media platforms alone. Since people are daily thronging the online media, it is now an ideal thing to consider using the available, relevant online media that can help achieve the goal. But while the online media is available for use, many are confused while […]

13 April 2011 11 Comments

Brand marketing: how to make brand investment in cause count

There are several ways to engage in brand marketing. There is the old way of careless abandonment of real values. One great way do brand marketing well is through cause marketing. For those who know, it is one thing for brand to be involved in cause, it is another thing to use the cause as […]