25 July 2013 3 Comments

Social Media communication: 7 salient factors that may harm your desired change.

The world we live needs changes to become better. Everything in our environment keeps beckoning for a change. It takes people who can see to understand the sign of his environment. Nothing is in its perfect estate. We must not leave the world the way we met it when we first showed up here. To […]

8 September 2010 9 Comments

Brands: how to be opened to imminent changes

Change is the most constant thing is an ageless clichĂ©. As much as this statement seems to be reality, many brands have continued to behave as this is not true. Though everyone (brands inclusive) all lay claim to the fact that we are not change resistance, our actions and attitude betray us. Because brand’s action […]

19 January 2010 47 Comments

Brand communication: need for adaptation

Change is a constant thing in life. Any brand that refuses to change on time with trend will discover too late that it is already in the graveyard. We are in the age of adaptation. A cursory look around will show signs of this. Before, many people cherished eating at home. Then they had enough […]