22 September 2015 0 Comments

Consumer communication and MultiChoice / DSTV

MultiChoice Africa and indeed Nigeria is a known name in satellite Television service provider. Its leading factor may not be unconnected with being one of the early entries into the market if it is actually not the first. With years of experience, one expects the organization should have mastered its acts in consumer communucation process […]

10 June 2014 0 Comments

5 best approaches you can adopt during online crisis

Crisis, whether online or offline, has a major impact on the wellbeing of the organization. Depending on the degree, it has capacity to completely destroy the organization or shakes the fabrics of its existence to a certain degree. As communication team, sometimes it is a time many team members use to trade blame and throw […]

28 August 2013 2 Comments

Miley Cyrus,VMA,Social Media and the need for balance

It is now a popular internet news that Miley Cyrus, a young lady who is twenty by all report, had gained unimaginable popularity from what many considered ‘indecent dress and public behaviour`. The Parent Television Council had issued a notice against unnecessary sexual innuendoes to market the yearly awarded which allowed Miley Cyrus such audacity. […]

17 October 2012 1 Comment

Fire and forget communication: what is wrong with it?

Today‚Äôs business is about relationship. Unfortunately many have not gotten that. They still engage in fire and forget communication strategy. The old ways of doing stuff no longer holds water. Applying the principle of business/brand as subject and clients as objects will lead nowhere but early death of the brand. For brand to achieve maximum […]

20 September 2012 5 Comments

Online brand communication: tactics that give you an edge

We live in the age of web adaptation, communication¬†and by extension, conversation. Conversation has increased the noise level. Getting attention today is a hard task. Many are talking but only few numbers are heard. Talking is cheap and common; receiving required attention is where the success lies. Many make the mistake of thinking all they […]

21 March 2012 0 Comments

Brand Communication: How to avoid disaster

Brand communication is an art that can be learnt. It is also a science which follows basic process. Gaining recognition or to be successful in this process may not come cheap. Being a brand communicator today requires a form of expertise and passion. The reason behind this assertion is obvious. If you are not an […]