14 August 2013 1 Comment

Online political and public communication: Seven reasons why they fail

No serious communication strategist will ignore the online media as part of the relevant tool to embrace. To think the information milieu is still like it used to be is a big mistake which will cost much. Majority of the targets, audience are now online. Wisdom therefore demands communication efforts must be concentrated on where […]

14 July 2011 8 Comments

Audience Engagement: why your efforts suck

 We live in an age and time when strong audience engagement is vital. Audience engagement speaks volume when commitment is required from all the stakeholders. The varied numbers of social networking sites are not helping the matter for most brands. To some, if our audience are scattered, where do we begin from is a constant […]

31 May 2011 10 Comments

Social media game: 6 hot signals for effective players

Social media is the current game every marketer and communication professional wants to play now. The sophistication and speed of the web are making efforts on social media breathtaking. The challenge here is every professional athlete or player knows the importance of learning, practise as well as having a coach who helps sharpen their skills. […]

24 March 2010 21 Comments

Brands: how to differentiate your social media efforts

Yesterday one of the major print media in Nigeria sought my opinion on the value of social media to business. This discussion is published today in the paper’s business page. I am happy that social media is beginning to show up in the radar of our business operations. But as we know the bandwagon effect […]

15 March 2010 167 Comments

Brands: Why your brand suffers without a blog

Today many brands are yet to see the impact of running a blog can have on their performance. Many brands still believe that blogs are just for small kids or any brand that just want to join the bandwagon, plays ‘me too’ game. What an individual do not know will rob him of its value. […]

4 August 2009 15 Comments

Media of brand communication and connection

Brand strategy will determine which communication tools will be used. Ensuring brand connection is really important in today’s diverse world. The major trend today is for brands to move from manipulating impression to building strong connection and to be wary of campaigns but concentrate on building conversation. To do this successfully brands understands its goal, […]

31 March 2009 4 Comments

Personal brand’s failure

No one wishes to fail. But our actions or inactions will point to which direction we are all heading. Brand uniqueness guarantees profitability and success. The success of any personal brand is hinge on determination, persistence, strategy, communication with extra commitment to the commitment. Personal Branding is a journey not a destination. As you move […]

17 February 2009 4 Comments

Brand as lifetime relationship

Individual brand owner must see brand as a lifetime relationship. As we know, relationships have responsibilities and its headache. Sometimes it works and sometimes it fails. With every strong relationship there is need for change in perspective with regards to process rejuvenation, lubrication for the relationship to work out to the best advantage of every […]

28 January 2009 2 Comments

Personal branding for marketers/sales executives

Its recession time and most people do not want to be sold. Everyone is working hard to save money as they do not get to earn more money. The level of job cut down has increased. so, selling, getting people to part with their money may become so much a hard job. But in the […]