15 December 2014 0 Comments

How to identify A Community, brand with legacy in the social age

Those who still think the strategies of the ‘big boss’ theory will still help them move forward faster need a rethink. The social age is putting power in the hands of everyone. The use of the power though has issues, but must be respected. Many with social power,  opportunities keep mismanaging their potential. The customer […]

9 October 2010 11 Comments

How to take advantage of your experience: My experience at 20 African Media Experts’ meeting

Branding is all about experiences. A brand without emotional experience cannot flourish. Great brand grows from one stage to another. Great brands need to keep experimenting, testing, learning and bringing its experience to bear in the next phase of action. A brand that will grow must constantly be involved in personal evaluation of where it […]

8 July 2010 21 Comments

Brands:How to/profiting from an engaged community

It is no longer news that the success of any brand rests solidly on the depth of relationship it has with all its stakeholders. No brand can be successful running a solo raise now. Every brand needs committed community members who are not only interested in working hard with the brand but who can work […]

10 June 2010 33 Comments

Personal Branding: stop going solo

Many have asked me why I always say that networking will be the rule of the game now. A guy actually said ‘if I have done my part do I need anyone to validate my effort?’ While I quite understand that we cannot substitute hard work for anything, it is also a known fact that […]

22 April 2009 49 Comments

Persistence: key to social media success

Every great enterprise that has succeeded is not a product of overnight action. It is birthed with sweat of hardwork, persistence and a high level of determination. Many have the erroneous believe that since social media offer opportunities for visibility, the result will be instant since they can create an account within minutes.  The truth […]