12 March 2014 2 Comments

Content development and Marketing: 7 ways to get the best for your brand

Those who ignore or are careless about content development and marketing for their brands today are playing with the future. The future is now and it can also be tomorrow. Wherever the future is for you, just be sure you are making it a great dawn. For those who know, online content development must begin […]

6 September 2013 0 Comments

Ten ‘how- to’ get your content on the digital viral lane

There is no denying the fact we are now in the digital age. Digital age is the age of socialization. The older generation users are catching up fast on the younger ones. The playing ground is no longer for specific audience/genre. Everyone is becoming active day by day.  A big thank to increasing drop  in […]

27 August 2013 0 Comments

Social media: why the bad guys always hook the beautiful ladies

Each passing day many people keep postponing what they know is right. They keep wishing, hoping that the dream they have will just be delivered to them. It is only in the realm of magic or dream that such happens. Everyone that excels has learnt how to wake up from sleep and hit the road. […]

24 June 2013 0 Comments

7 commandments of social media and content management

To be successful in life we must subject ourselves to certain rules of the game. It is true we must break some rules along the line, but having no guiding principle will do no one any good. I have being involved in online content management for close to ten years. Over the years, I have […]

21 May 2013 1 Comment

Digital Media Management: how to maintan a balance

The duties of a digital media manager/content director are varied. It takes a sane person to maintain a balance. We mean those professionals who are poised, focussed and determined to excel. Some of the daily tasks include listening, researching, editing, proof-reading, publishing, content marketing, checking with legal department, getting update from various department and reading. […]

29 October 2012 9 Comments

Content marketing: 4 reasons why you are failing woefully

 Content is the holy grail of marketing today. Content is not cheap. Content is really hard work and it will bring blood out of the brand custodians, Communicators’ nose. But the good thing is that when victory is gotten, the sweat will worth it. When heavy Weight boxers fight, sometimes we wonder why not quite […]

3 August 2012 27 Comments

Six levels of ignorance that cost much on Social Media

Returns on Investment is a buzz word in marketing. Coming to social media, many brands really stayed away for a long time just because they could not understand the economic value of Social media to the business. Today, many are wiser and can now appreciate the value of Social media to business’ objective. In measuring […]

23 July 2012 17 Comments

11 negative factors that nullify your Twitter efforts

Twitter needs no introduction especially to marketing, communication professionals and many small scales brands. Some of the values twitter offer includes the followings. It creates brand awareness at the global level. Twitter helps brand to connect. More also, effective use of twitters helps a brand to build strong relationship which leads to verifiable business outcomes. […]

16 July 2012 15 Comments

12 viral diseases that can kill content marketing fast

Everyone knows we live in the age of conversation with the advent of technology powered by social media. The backbone of every conversation is based on relevant content ‘curated’, published and marketed through right platforms couple with a high dose of spirit of sharing and promotion of others. In content publishing and marketing, it is essential […]

10 May 2010 53 Comments

Brand: what is your marketing strategy?

  To say we live in changing times is an understatement. Each new day brings its own uniqueness. what used to be hot yesterday is no longer so. Marketing strategy of last century may no longer be tenable. What we have noticed is that some still want to stick to the old way of doing […]