15 August 2011 11 Comments

Digital communication: Starting point to stardom

Digital communication is no longer an issue of if brands want to; it is more of how to do it well. Digital communications today offer valuable opportunities which brands can use to prospect, connect and build valuable relationship with potential and actual consumers. The major advantage associated with digital marketing is its fast and cost […]

14 September 2009 6 Comments

Campaign: what is wrong with it?

In today‚Äôs world, campaign seems to be loosing the grip it used to have. Campaign used to be the magic wand that sold the idea to people. It used to be the last card when a brand, idea, product or service is not doing well and brand owners need to reinvent or rejuvenate the brand. […]

12 January 2009 5 Comments

The danger in conversation

In my search for how best to wrap up our discussion on web 2.0, customer engagement, conversation marketing etc, I stumbled on an article that has been on my shelf for close to two years written by Elizabeth Mckee of Charlotte viewpoint, an opinion magazine of charlotte, North Carolinas US with the titled The risk […]

9 January 2009 11 Comments

Conversation marketing

Conversation marketing is the new way of marketing. The old structure of pushing out information is dying. Marketing today takes place at the discussion level. Is your brand there yet? It is true that joining the conversation as a brand owner may be technical, but rightful application of conversation marketing tools and web 2.0 help […]

5 January 2009 8 Comments

Forget marketing, Start conversation

As we move on through the crunch, many brands will fizzle out due to huge marketing costs. Till now many brands depended on marketing activities to sustain their leaderships. According to reports, billions are wasted annually yet it appears that the noise being made by these corporate brands are becoming rejected. We live in an […]