25 February 2015 0 Comments

8 Best Approaches to handle critical online situation

The challenges of this age are as complex as the age itself. Online crisis has become part of what we must live with. Shrewd Community or Public Relations Manager must keep honing their skills if things  must work well for the organizations, brands we represent. Because the barrier of entry into online communication is porous, […]

13 October 2013 0 Comments

How to survive social media hurricane: lessons from India Cyclone/hurricane

It is no longer news, a part of India had suffered Cyclone ‘Phailin’ effect. The same part of Eastern India had suffered such cyclone effect in 1999. In this, Gopalpur, Ganjam district was said to have suffered worst effect. ‘Phailin’ is also quoted to be one of the worst cyclones to hit india in fourteen […]

24 August 2013 0 Comments

Online reputation crisis: A case study of why Non-Profits should care

We now live in an interesting but delicate age and time. This age gives power to everyone to express whatever excites them. This liberty and opportunity come with its own challenge. The challenge is that every local news has potential of gaining global attention. Someone said every news has potential ‘global warming` effect. Global warming […]

30 October 2012 5 Comments

Super storm ‘Sandy’ and Social Media Campaign launch

Hurricane ‘Sandy’ is eating deep into Eastern Coast of U.S like mad. The statistics had been alarming. We have being monitoring issues around this since yesterday. As at the time of writing this, 10,000 flights have been cancelled, 11 States suffer Power outage, at least, it has been reported 6.5 million people are without power […]

15 January 2012 0 Comments

How to develop strategy that guarantees victory in crisis

Every brand will encounter crisis in its lifetime. No brand is immune from crisis. There are varied degrees of crises. Some are known, based on associated brand environment. Certain crisis may be unknown, unpreventable or what is considered crisis beyond human control. For instance, crisis like earthquakes, flood often come when we do not expect […]

1 December 2010 15 Comments

What Wikileaks taught us about brands, communication and social Media

This piece today might be viewed as treading on  landsmines. But an African proverb says ‘we should not say people should not look at a masquerade that is already dancing in the market square’. For about three days,all the  media platforms  have been reporting a popular story. The story is about wikileaks disclosure of sensitive American […]