15 December 2014 0 Comments

How to identify A Community, brand with legacy in the social age

Those who still think the strategies of the ‘big boss’ theory will still help them move forward faster need a rethink. The social age is putting power in the hands of everyone. The use of the power though has issues, but must be respected. Many with social power,  opportunities keep mismanaging their potential. The customer […]

5 August 2014 1 Comment

We are still the best customer service provider- GTBank’s Team

In our previous posts, especially this, we did mention some of the initial outstanding pioneering works GTBANK digital media team introduced into Banking industry in Nigeria. It was based on this we asked the question if the bank is losing its grip. We also examined the impact of the last weekend’ s approach in the […]

4 July 2012 9 Comments

Brand marketing: How effective Customer support helps a storage firm

There are several ways to communicate brand’s value and attract target customers. Depending on the market or industry a brand operates, it is expedient to see customer as more than an individual. Many brands have used product quality while others use nearness and access to sales people as a bait to attract new potentials. No […]

21 June 2010 24 Comments

Brand: the customer service equation is shifting

I was thrilled recently after a discussion session with a think tank group that comprises of customers (Generation X, Y with a little of baby boomer), service providers, some other informed opinion leaders in the area of branding, marketing etc. Prior to this, I have stumbled on an article ‘Future of Retail’ on the net […]

3 December 2009 38 Comments

Brand’s success from a customer’s perspective

Recently I read an article titled ‘ideas no longer rule the world’. While the writer did not completely ruled out the fact that idea is still important, he was of the opinion that many ideas, brand owners propose today are non- tested, non-valid from customers’ point of view. No wonder, many of these ideas failed […]

19 October 2009 19 Comments

How to turn searchers to customers,loyalists or followers

This will be the last part of the two previous posts. Google and other search engines have turned many into product, service researchers while at the confine of their rooms or offices. Today’s customers are no longer satisfied with information provided by brand advertisers or traditional media. They really want to see things as it. […]

24 June 2009 4 Comments

Best practices for brand’s client satisfaction 2

Getting on well with the customers requires that brands constantly assess the relationships. Today, clients’ satisfaction is more than gathering data that are not meaningful. Client satisfaction measures the extent to which a client’s expectations for a good or service are met. Total customer satisfaction is key performance indicator that is crucial to brand’s success. […]